My new blog!!

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I have just got a new blog! I think it will be really fun and I just can’t wait until I get some comments from all you bloggers!

If you have noticed my blog is called Animal Mania and I am going to be blogging about animals! I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting on this new animal blog!

1. I have a bunny rabbit named Earl Grey Junior because we used to have a bunny rabbit called that name but he died so we now call the bunny we have now Junior.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover

2. Our first pet was a fish but unfortunately I was really little and he got squished by me when we were cleaning his fish bowl; his name was Bluie!

3. We also used to have two pets, one guinea pig and a black and white bunny rabbit, but in my history I have never, absolutely never, had a dog but I reall, really want one!

So Mum and Dad I know you’ve said no every time I asked but PLEASE think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lo



3 thoughts on “My new blog!!

  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Good luck blogging about animals and your connection to them. I loved all my pets, but you’re right about the fact we’ve never had a dog!

    I really want one too.

    Visit my blog at:
    Jess, proudly bookworm.


  2. Hello, I have your sisters blog on my blog! I also go onto your blog. Do you have a dog? I do his name is Indy. We got him in America. My name is Millie and I am 8 now. In November 29 I will turn 9!!. I am also an animal lover. I do horse riding lessons. I ride a horse named Charlie. She is a beautiful natured horse. I am just starting to canter. My inscruters name is Jan and I started trotting on a gorgous mare. Her name was Penny. She is a palmiono. She is also a great jumper, when I start jumping big jumps I want to ride a big geldling. He is a bay. I have ridden once bareback. She was a mare as well, she’s a paint horse. She is only 4. She is very, very, very friendly with me and Jan. She only lets me ride her on sunny days because she dosn’t like riding under a grey sky! Do you like horses? I do, infact I LOVE them!!!! I am 8 now. In November 29 I will turn 9!!

    If you want to comment on my blog I am brownpony2010 you can find me on the despicable 3 blogs/ tecko twenty 11 on the russell street blog. Scroll done click on my name [Millie] and it will take you to my blog!!



    1. Hi Mille, I don’t have a dog because my mum won’t let me but my dad will! I also really like horses! It sounds like you haven’t been riding Penny much this winter! By the way, your blog looks great!!!!! I am also 8 but I turned 8 on July the 9th that was during the holidays! I was wondering, out of my blog and yours which one do like better, reading or animals? Comment me back soon!!

      By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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