My clownfish….

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Today we went to the Marina in Port Douglas and got something that hatches. Can you guess it? You got it a clown fish. It is not real but seems real; it can hath, grow and die!! It is very interesting!

What to do (from packet):

1. Put the egg in a contciner and fill with water till water level upper egg.

( The temperature of the water is under 35 degrees).

2. The egg shell will break after 12~24 hours slowly then the pet hasten out of the shell.

3. After the egg shell is broken entierly please add new water into the container again.

(The pet will be expanding after 24-48 hours fullly).

4. Can remove growing pet to another container to watch them grow daily.

Have fun taking care of these easy pets!!

( Please keep the full water into the container).

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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