The Cozmoz (painting)!

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Today my sister and I went to painting class! It was very fun. The shop was called ‘Davvyd’s art from the the heart’ shop. We did not do a new painting because the ones we started on on Saturday were not finished yet. With mine   I re-coated some paint to make it thicker leave no spots of white on it. When I finished that;  I left it out to dry.

When it was dry Davvyd started to do all the pretty stuff on it like glitter etc. He then it looked spectacular when he finished doing all the pretty stuff. When we had a look at it in the sun, we decided it should be called The Cozmoz because it was so colourful (it was so colourful because it was abstract art). Soon Davvyd found a texta to sign my name on it. When mum came to pick us up she said it was beautiful and she loved it!!!!

We left it there to dry because it was still wet but we are coming on Thursday so we will pick it up then.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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