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Yesterday, my class and I went on camp!!  It was really fun!

The first thing we did when we all got there was have morning tea! Yummy. On the top but on the inside of the bench. there was a swallow’s nest that had two swallows making a nest together! The swallows were so cute!! I had lots of fun doing archery  I almost got the arrow on the bull’s eye!! Oh my!! When I was watching the next person go, I heard a big scream oh no! My best friend got stung by a bee when going to get her drink bottle. She unfortunately missed out on an activity, which was damper. The next activity we did was ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my highlight of camp!! Once we had finished roasting marshmallows, we received little plush toys of our groups!! Mine was a Platypus and it was sooo cute!! I had the best time at camp!!

By Olivia, proudly an anmal lover!


3 thoughts on “Camp!!!

  1. Hi Olivia,

    It sounds like you had lots of fun camping. Did you like the roasted marshmallows? Would you like to be blog buddies? Well my blog’s address is also think your blog is awesome!


  2. Hello Olivia!

    It sure sounds like you had so much fun on camp?
    What did you do there?
    Do you like dolphins?
    How did you get all the dolphins around the post and all of that?
    Hope you didn’t mind me commenting on your post!



    1. Hi tarley!
      I did have so much fun on camp!
      Well I roasted marshmallows, did archery, played hide n seek in the bush, a camping relay and much more!!
      To answer your third question, I absolutely love dolphins!!
      I got the pictures from the internet and then just pasted it onto the post while editing or writing it! Simple.



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