Frog surprise!

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On Friday we arrived home from our 1 month holiday in England, France and Prague, all these places are in Europe. We all had jet-lag and it didn’t help that there was a mysterious croaking sound. Before the holidays, we emptied our pool so that the ‘pool man’ (our family calls a pool expert this) could paint the pool again. He painted it because for ten years it has worn away. So anyway as you might know, in Sydney (where I live it has been raining so the pool filled up with leaves mud and other things that made the shallow pool look like a lake.

So last night, Dad my sister Jess, Mum and I at dinner heard the mysterious croak again and we looked in the pool area, “SPLASH” a frog jumped into the pool I touched one when it climbed up the walled just to jump in again!!

We then looked for the frog (looking) and saw not 1, then 2, look there are 3, no 4 frogs!!! I was delighted because as you know I love animals!!!
Today I have been researching and have found out that their name is called the Common Eastern Froglet. It makes sense because we are in Sydney (which is east)! I am very happy that we have little frogs in our lake/pool!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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