Weekly Joke

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History teacher: Why is your history homework done in your Father’s handwriting?

Student: Because I used his pen Sir.

Do you get it? He He

Weekly Joke.

By Olivia proudly an animal lover!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Joke

    1. Hello Alison,
      I don’t have a favourite animal, I love them all! Sad but true, I don’t have have an email.
      P.S Did you know a girl called Isabella? She used to live in Shanghai but moved back home to Australia!


  1. Blog Comment: Hello my name is Hannah. I like your blog, the best thing that I like about your blog is your background. I like how it looks like it is snowing. You must like to snow board. I also like your weekly joke, I think that it is funny. I hope you leave a comment at 2017hl.edublogs.com.


    1. Hi Hannah!
      I have actually NEVER been snowboarding. I have not even been to the snow! I’m glad you like my weekly joke!


  2. Hi Liv,
    That is a hilarious joke, which you did get from a “Horrible Histories” book… I love the Shelfari, though unfortunately can’t access. Keep up the great jokes!



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