Holidays, Life, School

Yesterday was the Junior School prize-giving, and I am very sad I only have this day left with my teacher. I am only in Year 2 so we didn’t get prizes like citizenship or academic excellence or any of that, but we got certificates that had what we were good at and I got a pretty good one!  My sister, in Year 4 got academic excellence! She got this last year too! I’m happy there are holidays again but I a also sad. My favourite thing I have done this year was nerve wrecking but fun, being the reporter in Jonah-Man-Jazz! I was a Junior School musical about the whole story of Jonah from the Bible (the modern version) and I reported him when he came out of the whale!!!

This was very fun! Now back onto the prize-giving, the house that won the House Cup this year was Franklin. I am in Chislom, the yellow house.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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