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This term, our school did a musical called Jonah-Man- Jazz. there was a morning production and a night time one. I was in both but playing different rolls. In the morning, I was and animal under the sea when Jonah was thrown overboard into the ocean. In the night time I was the reporter that reported Jonah on the news when he came out of the whale. In the morning my classmate Bella played the reporter and when I was the reporter in the night time she was the animal under the sea! Clever, huh! Do you know the story of Jonah from the bible? Well that is what this story was based on, but a modern version!

I had lot’s of fun doing this play, thanks to Ms O’brien: our music teacher! (To Ms O’brien) Thank you very much for  setting this up and teaching us this year we will miss you very much when you leave and I hope you will have a great time pre-school teaching! From Olivia C 2011. I was stage fright when I was the reporter but I just kept saying what I was meant to do! My favourite part was when God (Mr Armstrong) was booming down from heaven telling Jonah what to do next! We had lot’s of fun!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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