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Sorry everyone!

I have not been blogging much anymore. I have been busy with lots and lots of exciting events which I shall share with you  soon…

1. I do not need my expander any more!

2. I have recently celebrated by Dad’s birthday! On the 30th  of May. He got a ‘massage voucher’ and lots of clothes. Plus, my sister and I bought him a yummy chocolate cake, we decorated it too!

3.  Our school athletics carnival will be on soon, I am quite excited, but nervous too! My events are: 800m race, 200m race, 100m race and the early-birds discus field event.

4. My birthday is next month! I am very excited!!

5. My class’s class assembly is on Tuesday  12th June!

6. I am extremely upset. My poor little bunny has past away a few months ago.

I hope you have caught up with some of my good and bad news.

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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