My sister’s story…

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Dear reader,

This story was written by my big sister Jess. She wrote it for the Student Blogging Challenge. If you would like to see her blog look it up on my ‘links page’ it is called, A Bookworms Blog. I have tweaked it around a bit. You must finish it off for her… Enjoy!!

I have to confess; I was never a fan of horror stories, even as a little kid. You can’t blame me, after what happened last night.

Sitting all by myself, in my study, on a stormy night, typing away to my friend on my email, when a lightning bolt flashed, and before I knew it, it was absolutely pitch black! The whole town had lost power too. I could tell. Unlucky my phone was in the middle of charging!

I used my pocket flashlight to creep into my bedroom and hop into my bed, I heard voices coming from downstairs. I tried to stay as calm as possible, but just couldn’t resist creeping downstairs, praying that I wasn’t going to come across any creaky spots.

I don’t know why, but I was completely unafraid! Probably because of my lack of knowledge about what usually happens in this kind of case in a horror film and because of my lack of frightening nightmares. I crept down the stairs, getting closer to the room with the noise with every step. When I reached my hand out to the handle, to open the door, I heard an ear-splitting scream. I forced my mouth shut and cowered back against the wall as demanding footsteps protruded across the wooden floorboards. Now, I knew I was afraid. I think anyone would be.

Great story, right! Personally, I think it was a little scary! Try and finish it off. Not scared are you? I think these are the scary quotes…

“I heard an ear-splitting scream…” and “I forced my mouth shut and cowered back…” and “…demanding footsteps protruded across the wooden floorboards…” and “Now, I knew I was scared.”

Do you agree? I do!! Now I will try to finish off the chapter.

The demanding footsteps of a person suddenly ran by me. I held my breath tightly. Then I realised that the person had a fluid dripping from it’s hands. Could it be blood? I thought to myself. 

I bravely crept into the room the person ran out of. Finding my mother on the floor. “Was she dead?” I asked myself. No, she was luckily just badly hurt.

I tried to reach the ambulance with my mobile, but there was no reception. Then, Jade, my big sister walked sleepily downstairs. She said ” What in the name of heavens happened?” I didn’t need to answer that,

“Did you…”

“No Jade,” I quickly reassured her. “I didn’t do it.”   

She sprinted upstairs and grabbed her cell phone. She called the ambulance and, luckily, it worked!


The man took our mother into the van and sped to the hospital. But I thought something was missing, “Oh no! The murderer is still in the house, so is Maddy!” I screamed to Jade. Maddy was our baby sister at an age of 4. What could happen to her? Could she be murdered? Plus, Dad was in the house, unless…

What do you think of it? Good? Bad? Needs improvement? Please comment and give me some feedback…

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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