Should children have homework? Persuasive text.

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Dearest Reader,

This is a persuasive text, also known as an exposition written by me! My sister helped me with some of the wording but I did most of it myself. Once you have read this, please comment and advise me of the things I need to improve (negatives) and the things that I did quite well (positives)…

Children must, undoubtedly, receive homework and complete it. Doing this will enable the child to consolidate their school work at home. It can also let the parents know what their child is doing at school. Homework allows the child to think individually, with only their parents to help at home.                 
Firstly, children should receive homework, so they can practise their school work at home. A child will probably not have enough time at school to absorb what he/she was taught, so completing tasks at home will ensure the child understood what he/she was told in the classroom. At home, the child has more time to be taught individually. If a child is given homework, it is almost like home education, which can be better for learning experiences because the child has more time to think about it.
 Furthermore, if children bring homework back from school, the parents/guardians get a more up-to-date and accurate view of the kind of work their children have done during the day at school.  They also can see what their attitude towards work is. This is much better than the semester school report which gives results based on tests but it may not be an accurate reflection of the child’s understanding of his/her work.
 Finally, homework allows individualism. At school, you could simply plagiarise work from other students and although this method may guarantee top marks, it does not help you or your knowledge in anything at all. When you complete tasks at home, there is no one to copy from; only your parents to help you.
 Overall, it is very beneficial for children to receive homework, so they can learn at home as well as at school. 

I hope you like this text very much!

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

P.S I would like you to consider what mark you would congratulate me with out of ten in your comment if you can?


10 thoughts on “Should children have homework? Persuasive text.

  1. A great piece of writing, Liv! The language was advanced and so was the development of the arguments and examples. Introductory and concluding paragraphs were also extensive in skill!
    As for your mark, I would seriously give you a ten out of ten. For even my level, that would be an A+ mark given immediately. I really can’t find any faults! Well done, and keep up the fantastic writing work.


  2. Oh yes – finally one error! You used the word ‘consolidate’ in the second and fourth paragraphs. Try and find a synonym for that word. I always keep a thesaurus next to me when writing! But, still, well done! I’d give you nine and three quarters out of ten.


    1. Dear Paris,
      I am 9 years old. Thank you very much for that lovely comment! I appreciate that.
      Please come back to my blog soon…


  3. Dear Olivia,
    In your persuasive text, there are too many ‘at homes‘ that you have used. Good job though! Very creative and I would rate it a 7.2 out of 10. Okay job. *****


  4. Hi Olivia,
    I would rate you a 9/10.
    The only problem I found is that children can actually copy other people’s work on the internet at home. Good job, though!
    Gigi 😉


    1. Dear Gigi,
      Thank you for that great feedback! That would be a great rebuttal for a debate! Good job! But I would rebut back that: If the parent was responsible and knew that the child obviously needed help, then they would help the child, no? I guess what you are saying is that if the parent is not responsible, then this may occur.
      Thanks again, cheers, toodles, see ya later!



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