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G’day Animal Mania readers!

I am really sorry that I have not been in touch very often, in fact the last time I posted was last July! I am exited to start posting again and read all you nice folks’ comments.


First post for 2013

Even thought it is my 3rd week of school already, I would like to share with you a poem I wrote on my first day of Year 4 this year. I hope you enjoy it…

I'm anxious, feeling nauseous, think I'm gonna be sick,  
At the same time excited to see my friends, EEEKKK.
Far from it, I try to calm my self down. 
Can't help it! Ends up in a frown, 
I enter the gates with Mum holding tight,
Dad's off to work always is, day and night. 
Wonder who my teacher will be, Mrs G or Mrs F, whoever it is, hope they'll be good, hope she's not deaf...
Wondering along the path, my fingernails are raw, I see Chloe she gives me a huge squeeze!
Now I'm not so nervous, my friends have cheered me up, as they always do, 
I ended up saying CHEESE!


I think it is a tinsy bit weird but it’s alright. Hope you like it! See ya soon.

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


One thought on “2013, School

  1. Hi, Liv!
    It’s me, Sarah. Your blog is awesome and I really like how you posted lots of Christian things. It shows that you are a true believer.
    From Sarah



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