Being Cybersmart.


Being cyber smart is VERY important. It may just sound like a little bunch of rules hanging about in the air, but really, cyber safety is one of the “Must Know” s about owning or using a computer.

Here is a little link to a really funny video to teach you about cyber safety. 

(Copy and paste the link to the search bar.)

(This is another one, a quiz this time to test your knowledge of cyber safety.)

Do you now see why it is important? Just so that I can share this with people who may not have sound or much time, I will write down every detail of what is in the video. (First + second episode. Up to emailing golden rules)

Oh, SWEET! SWEET! Saturday, no school! Hahahaha, and a new computer! WOOHOO! And no one to disturb me!


NOOOO! It is my terrible snotty cousins! Chewing my broadband cable and typing rubbish on my new computer! 

“Here are your cousins, darling. You are going to take care of them while I am doing some work.” said mum.


“No buts.”

This is terrible! They are going to ruin everything! NOOO! Stop wrecking my keyboard! All right you NOOBS! Shall I explain why you need to stop wrecking the coolest thing in the world?

One of my cousins say, “Coolest thing in the world… huh whats so cool about this computer? 

I say, “It’s not just a computer, I also have… BROADBAND CONNECTION!

He says, “Eh, whats that?”

I say, “Aww! You silly NOOBS!…You guys don’t know anything. Alright, let me explain: 

Well, you know how the world just started off as a big stupid blue ball floating around in space with nothing much happening? Well, then, a really, really long time ago Jurassic Park came out with big dinosaurs walking around and they’re all having a really awsome time eating each other, which gave them really bad breath…

But then Jurassic Park 2 came out and that sucked big time and they all died. After that, it was basically like a big game of Civilisation.

Then a million years ago your grandparents were born and they only had one TV and Kylie was still on Neighbours… and then your parents were born and they didn’t relise how cool vinyl was, probably because they liked that stupid music, which is why mum had real funny hair back then (oh and dad still had his hair!)… and they played stupid games like, you know, Pacman, and Monkey Kong or something.

Well, finally, we got an internet connection but it was really, really slow and my sister was always complaining that she could not be on the phone… but now there is BROADBAND which is like a zillion times faster and doesn’t tie up the phone line. And so we can do all sorts of stuff which is better and quicker!

My cousin says, “Better and quicker, like what?”

I say, “Well let’s say that you wanted to enter a photo competition. After you’ve taken the picture you needed to develop it… stick it in an envelope, take it to a post box…wait for the mailman to collect it… perhaps it went on a plane and then a postman had to deliver it.”

But now we have the internet this can go much faster. You simply email the photo in digital format! It will be at its destination just a few seconds!

My other cousin says, “Coool!”

I say, “Yep, totally cool! But some people, once they know your email address… send you all sorts of stuff you don’t want. I the real world, it would be like this:


…online, its like this…


MAKE SOME $$$$$                                                                                                           HI, LOOK AT THIS RUDE PHOTO                                                                                                                               LOOK @ THIS!                                                                                                                       SAVE ON YOUR INSURANCE!                                                                                                                           FORWARD TO A RICH STRANGER. HELP ME AND I WILL GIVE U $$$!      CHEAPER MEDICINE!                                                                                                         A FUNNY GAME                                                                                                                 (ATTACHMENT) GAME.EXE

annoying, right! So it’s really important that you don’t give your email address to just anyone. remember these golden rules:

  • Never give out your email address to someone you don’t know.
  • Never open emails from people, organisations or businesses you don’t know about.
  • Email can contain all sorts of bad stuff, like hoaxes, and chain mail scams that try to get your money.
  • Compute viruses can be carried as attachments to email messages.
  • Inappropriate or illegal picture or movie files can be attached to an email message.


(Back to me) Remember all these things when surfing the net. There is way more in that episode and the general movies but I think that is more than enough for now.

I hope you enjoyed the video and come back to my blog for some more fun!

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!











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