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G’day folks!

How is your holiday? Are you having a good time? Well, I certainly am. Last week, I went to a writing course with Jacqueline Harvey and John Larkin. It was really great and I learnt a lot from them both.  Mr Larkin was a clown and Mrs Harvey had quite the stories to tell!

Also last week, I had the opportunity to go to a debating course for beginners at PLC and learnt a heap about the subject. (Plus, I learnt how to debate!) My coach, Sarah was very nice and had lots of patience with some people…

Today and Monday, I participated in a tennis camp and won a couple of matches. It was really fun but Matt, our coach made us do 2 laps of the 4 courts. We also had to do the Spanish Drill, he tweaked it a bit too, so that made it harder.

Please let me now about your own holidays! It would be great to know all about them! (Plus, there is nothing wrong with just simply staying at home and chillin’!)

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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