Creative, colourful, cool, calm collage!

Art, Create

Today, I made a very… creative collage for homework! It is a collage with pictures of autumn. It includes common autumn animals, typical autumn trees and lots of other extremely colourful pictures. (I am pretty sure most of the images are not copyright, so if you see one that you know I am not allowed to use, please let me know!) I used a collage maker called Loupe Collage. It a bit like Tagxedo if you have ever heard of that except with pictures. If you want to make a collage with your own pictures and outline shape, go to Loupe! It is very fun and has great features free to all!



3 thoughts on “Creative, colourful, cool, calm collage!

  1. Hi Livvy
    This is Jess from London. Your collage is pretty good work – well done indeed! While we were driving around yesterday, saw a tribute to animals in war and thought that you might find that interesting as your blog is about animals.



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