Should Everyone Own A Pet?

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At school, we also had to write a discussion. Where we think about both sides of the debate and address points for both sides. My paragraphs were a bit short, but have a read and let me know what you think.

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Currently, there is a discussion on whether people should or should not own a pet. Many believe it is unnecessary to own one but others consider it an advantage to own a pet. What do you think?
To begin with the positive side, animals are great companions. They are loyal and even understand how you feel! It is a proven fact that dogs even get separation anxiety! Animals are especially loyal to older people and only children. They can be a great comfort to humans if they are feeling lonely or upset. If Mum gets home angry and distressed, your pet can calm her down. Animals are definitely a vital part of humans’ lives.
Others argue that animals can help disabled people with simple tasks such as eating, drinking, traveling places and just generally living life. Monkeys can be trained to aid quadriplegic casualties and dogs to blind people. If these innocent people did not have these helpful pets in their lives, they may become depressed from the lack of attention from nurses. After all, who has time to be sitting around doing nothing all day?
In addition to this argument, owning a pet introduces self-discipline and responsibility. Many children need to learn this skill because of laziness and lack of self-discipline. It teaches them to be responsible animal lovers which scoop up waste, wash and brush their pet, walk it and love it to bits. It has been proven that if you own an animal as a child, you will become a sensible adult.
On the other hand, many other people believe that if everyone owns a pet, there will be animal abuse and cruelty involved… Abusive adults and children may not be loving and sometimes very cruel to the animals which would kill them for unnecessary reasons.
Additionally, animals are expensive and time consuming. Food, water, toys and all other equipment cost hundreds, the pet itself can cost even more than that! If it is essential to own a pet, many people in developing countries may not be able to afford the pet let alone the equipment it needs to survive. They would be wasting money on something that dies in a flash.
Lastly, many people suffer from severe allergies and reactions to the saliva, fur or diseases the pet may carry. Unnecessary rashes would be continuously happening every day because of innocent pets. If people are allergic to pets, what is the point of being forced to buy one? It’s just a waste of money and medicine.

In conclusion, after considering both sides of this discussion, I believe that people should own a pet. The pet’s loyalty could teach the abusers to love, the owners could buy cheap equipment and can wash the pet frequently to kill off diseases.

☻ ☺ ♥

What do you think? Let me know what you think about my (low, medium, high) modality language (whether I have strong and persuasive language). And please, please, please comment about what you think I could improve on. I really love polite positive and negative feedback so that I can improve.

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Person and pet – they understand each other. ♥



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