The Important Role of Zoos

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For school, I had to write an exposition. Our topic was either The Important Role of Zoos or Zoos Should Be Banned. I chose The Important Role of Zoos. We planned on a piece of paper and typed up the final copy. It was quite fun! Enjoy reading it! P.S. We did it with no help from other students or our teacher.  

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It is obvious that countless Australian citizens understand the vital role of zoos in our country and world. Zoos play three major roles towards helping the needs of animals, entertaining eager tourists and even maintaining the existence of many species. My fellow Australian citizens would agree that we need zoos and this is why.
To begin with, zoos are needed to save wild animals in need of help. This is one point why we need them so much. Rescuers and veterinarians save poor babies who have lost either parent from road kill. Those babies need their mother’s milk. The zoos can have another female fostering it with little difficulty. But if we did not have zoos with other animals inside, there would be little chance for the baby. Besides, what would a normal person be able to do? Nothing. Also, the staff (such as zoologists) working for zoos can conduct research which definitely help eliminate diseases and immunise the animals, leading to a new, healthier breeds of animals.
Additionally, zoos are great entertainment for children and adults of all kinds. Business men and women who live in the city have no time to be travelling to Africa. Why not go to the zoo instead? It’s quick, easy and cheap and the kids certainly love it. Quite like this case, tourists who are sightseeing would definitely agree that it is quite impossible to see the endangered animals they are looking for in the wild. Therefore, when they visit the zoo, the animals they are looking for will definitely be there.
Lastly, veterinarians in zoos preserve species and maintain biodiversity. Biodiversity plays a vital role in sustaining our environment and keeping our ecosystems healthy. Rangers and zoologists every so often trade with other zoos around the world to maintain the biodiversity and keeping the world fresh. By doing this, we are preserving species and developing ‘back up’ in case something fatal happens to that type of animal. Without it, there would be thousands more extinct and endangered species in our world. Imagine, if a new disease pops up, threatening your favourite native animal that is already endangered to extinction, how would you feel? That is why Australian citizens agree with me that zoos are evidently important to us.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that zoos should definitely continue playing the vital role they play as an organisation in our world. They aid ill and needy animals by conducting research, severely rub in the important entertainment of tourists and locals and finally, they maintain biodiversity and save animal species for good causes. Zoos are majorly important in our community and world we need to support them.

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What do you think about this piece of writing? What is your opinion and what be your choice if you had to write an exposition on one of these topics? Let me know of your opinions and don’t feel shy to give me some helpful feedback to improve my writing!

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


Zoos are safe places for endangered species to recover and reproduce without danger disturbing them.




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