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My teacher is a very lovely lady. She is very knowledgeable and, if you would, acquainted with the brilliant invention of Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick. If you are not familiar with the 16 Habits of Mind, then I shall explain through the presence of these tips and documents.



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I have fairly well acquainted myself with a particular 2 of these Habits of Mind. I have authored 2 documents on each of these 3 HOMs (Habits Of Mind) which I shall share with you in the below section.

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Listening with Understanding and Empathy


‘Listening with Understanding and Empathy’ is about listening with your heart, as well as with your ears. If you would like to have strong relationships and be a good friend, then here are some tips for you.

‘Listening with Understanding and Empathy’ is about hearing what someone has to say, caring about what they say and offering them kind words, a warm smile and a loving heart. ‘Listening with Understanding and Empathy’ is about being genuinely concerned for the person who is sharing with you. It means taking time to be supportive and finding ways to help your friend. Being able to do this will help your friendships. Friends love encouraging faces when they are talking to you. Even teachers sometimes need someone to listen to them, when they are having a difficult day or if something has happened to them and they are feeling sad.

Everyone needs someone to listen with understanding and empathy sometimes.


If someone needs you to listen to them with understanding and empathy, don’t stare into space or gasp at a chipped fingernail!  Stop what you are doing, hear what is being said and listen with your heart!

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What is it?

Persisting is what keeps you going with life. It means never giving up, just keep going. Persistence is firmly continuing to complete or carry out a duty without leaving that activity neglected.


1. Mum says, “You must persist with your homework!”

You say “I have no idea what BG + A4 equals, but all the same, I’ll keep persisting!”

2. Yes, I am about fall off a cliff, but I’m going to persist with holding onto the edge anyway!”

Helpful Areas:

Persisting is not only a very important thing to do to become a humble and trustworthy person, but it can help you with everyday life, especially when you are experiencing being in a team or group.

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What do you think? I believe that these documents gave you a fair understanding of Listening With Understanding and Empathy and Persisting? My teacher has introduced my class with each Habit of Mind but I decided  to share my knowledge with a mere 2 of them. 

If you have the privilege to come to know and use the 16 HOM then, as studies show, you will grow to become a successful person. All of them help you to understand life, life life and get through life more clearly and successfully. By using them, you can get through tricky and even life changing situations more easily than not knowing them. They help you to withhold the troubles of life and everything that is packed with that may hurt you. Habits of Mind are brilliant remedies that personally, I use all the time to calm myself down and help tricky dilemmas to pass by and go away.

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and will either continue or begin using the well established, well generated Habits of Mind.

by Olivia, proudly and animal lover!



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