Student Blogging Challenge #1

Student Blogging Challenge, Writing

♥ 10 people I want to meet ♥

1. Bill Gates – How did you think of making your products?

2. Vincent Van Gogh – Did you consider that people did not appreciate someone cutting off an ear for them?

3. John Howard – Would you ever consider becoming the Aussie PM again?

4. Albert Einstein – Did you ever socialise with other people, or were you always in your lab?

5. Winston Churchill – Were you ever doubtful or scared of making the decisions you did for your country?

6. Nicola Tesla – Did you ever have a relationship with anyone?

7. The Beatles – Did you ever realise that your band would never be normal in any generation?

8. Madeline Albright – How many times were you close to crashing on your flight journey around the world?

9. Gandhi – Were you prepared to die for your country?

10. Adolf Hitler – Did you have a heart to know that you were murdering innocent children and people?

Visit the #1 Challenge page: ‎

by Olivia, proudly and animal lover!



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