Student Blogging Challenge

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I used to have an Edublogs blog so I am quite familiar with the blogging challenge, Student Blogging Challenge. This year in March, I forgot to sign up so I think, instead, I will do it now.

Here is the link for the Student Blogging Page.


Just so you know, the Student Blogging challenge:

1. Is twice a year (Sign up in March and September).

2. Is for all types of blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs etc.).

3. Has 10 challenges completed over 10 weeks (1 challenge per week).

4.  Gets your blog noticed and commented on more (more people are visiting the place where your blog is a link)

5. Is very fun and exciting (not one challenge is boring)

I would recommend that in September, you sign up for the Student Blogging Challenge. (In the next posts I will perform the March Challenges without signing up.)

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



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