Last night, as all of us would agree, was a very long night. 6:00pm till 11:46pm.

Wow. Almost 6 hours of counting and waiting and talking and predicting and nervousness. At least it’s all over. Before I announce the winner of last night’s election for 2013, I would just like to say thank you to all the people who voted liberal. I’m sure our country really needed that. It was a treat for my family and a vast majority of people all over Australia to find out that Tony Abbott is our new PM. Australia deserves it. After a bluffing Gillard and rude Rudd (hey that rhymes!) Australia truly needs this one.

Angelic Abbott. As he will prove to us in the next 3 years, Abbott is the best PM since John Howard. He will make our country shine. As Julia Gillard is out of the job and poor old (jealous) Kev has quit his position as Labour leader, the ALP (Australian Labour Party) will be in desperate need of a new leader.

Who will it be?

Well, anyway. Thank you LNP (Liberal National Party) voters for voting Abbott and supporting our country’s real need.

by Olivia, proudly and animal lover.

P.S You have permission to write a rude comment if in the next 3 years, Abbott does something seriously wrong for our country.

P.P.S I am sorry ALP voters but (no offence) but next time, you should really look up who you are voting for.


2 thoughts on “Election

  1. Thank you very much Heenim, I appreciate your encouraging feedback! Though I am quite young to be posting about subjects such as this, I would not call myself incompetent at politics, after all, it is quite obvious which party is actually better, isn’t it? Anyway, I visited your blog and commented and I think you are an amazing blogger as well. Keep it up! Thanks again,
    From goldenchild31



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