The Have Come – 100 WC

100 WC, Writing

We ambled along the gravelly path, giggling and shoving at each other’s witty remarks about The Three. No-one was meant to talk about them. At least, no-one was supposed to say bad things about them. The Guards didn’t care though. They didn’t care that we were doing just what they were supposed to stop. I reckon they just continued the job for the money.

Though we had no idea what we had done. A blinding stretch of light gauged itself from the sky. People were screaming, the wailing pierced my ears. They had come, way too early…


6 thoughts on “The Have Come – 100 WC

    1. Well, you see, I didn’t tell to give a bit of suspense. That is one of my best things in writing, being able to give good suspense. Also, I couldn’t really add any more because I was already over 100 words. I like to be precise. Thanks!


  1. great piece of writing. lovely verbs used creating a poignant start and from there the punctuation creates a sense of suspense. I’m left wondering what on earth happens next? Your replies to the comments made are also very well constructed. Well done!



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