PMI Chart ‘Life Without a Computer’.


People in the 21st century have become so dependent on computers and other forms of technology. This is a PMI chart on the topic ‘Life Without a Computer’.

A Life without Computers


  1. Kids wouldn’t be on the computer all the time playing games.
  2. There wouldn’t be harmful content or inappropriate / scary things. (Threats on chatrooms, popups, trackers.)
  3. People become addicted to games and become less and less social, being social and talking to people is essential in life.


  1. It is harder to research things, looking up something would take much longer.
  2. Contact with those that may live far away is much quicker and simpler on the computer.
  3. Keep information and documents for work and school secure in files. It’s also neater and easier to type.

Interesting 1. Pros: The average American child watches 7-8 hours of screen per day.



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