The Creature – 100WC

100 WC, Writing

Amanda shook him violently, “Wake up! Wake up…” but her attempt was useless. Moist droplets cascaded down her cheek, the stain of their wet path smudged across her face as she dried it with her hand.

“Please! Don’t leave…”

Amanda stood up, the noisy side effects of her weeping following her as she marched toward the barracks.

“We must fight today. Too many lives have been taken,” She knew that they had only been training for a few weeks. Petrified faces whispered amongst the soldiers. “QUIET!”

The tears had come again. Everyone was staring at their warm trail. It was then that creatures pushed through the dusty earth…


8 thoughts on “The Creature – 100WC

  1. Dear Olivia,
    I really love your writing style. I love how you use great vocabulary to really make me see what’s happening but still leave room for the reader to use their imagination and how you leave me wanting more. I would love to see you add on to this story and find out what exactly happens next.



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