100WC The Star

100 WC, Writing

Her eyes sparkled, reflecting the rich colour of the night sky. The star dappled sky twinkled and the moon was smudged across the bay, its milky reflection illuminating part of the beach. Her lips trembled as she described the gorgeous view that we saw. I smiled, so grateful of my beautiful daughter and that she appreciated the things that I gave her so much. The wind whispered, sharing secrets with the two of us despite our oblivion to it. A star soared over us, a bright blur trailing behind. It shook me from my hypnotised stupor.

“Look up,” I began pointing out to her, “can you see the shooting star?” 


4 thoughts on “100WC The Star

  1. Dear Animal Mania,
    I really love your story. As i was reading it, it felt like it spoke to me. I love your choice of vocabulary and the power you put in it. Its a beautiful story and you should continue to write. Never give up not matter what. I love writting and reading too.


    1. Dear Savannah,

      That was a really touching comment. I love that, by using that range of vocab and words, I was able to make it as if it spoke to you! Thank you, I also love your encouraging words of, “Never give up no matter what.” Don’t you forget that either!!

      by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


  2. I really like your poem.
    Do you know Basho? I think he is a very great poet.
    By the way, I’m also 10 years old.
    Please leave me a reply on my blog.

    Ben. V



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