2015 New Year’s Resolutions


Dear Readers,

Of course, I do realise that the 8th of March is a little late for planning my New Year’s Resolutions, yet I find it very important to be able to plan and improve on the way I work and live!

Last year, however much improved from the previous academic year, still had its ‘Needs Improvement’. This year, I am determined to overcome these small issues and strive to do my best in all I do!

Here is the letter I wrote myself regarding New Year’s Resolutions…

Dear Self,

2014 was a fairly successful year for you in terms of habits and improvement from 2013, however I do think you can improve some aspects of your educational habits and general habits. Pay attention and you can improve yourself even more! A few things I have listed below are for you to think about and create solutions for in order to improve. 

~ Time Management 

Your time management skills last year were atrocious! Your habits of leaving homework to the last minute left you pressured and, even though you grew accustomed to the stress, it is not healthy and would be a huge disadvantage for senior school. 


~ Organisation

Writing down homework, knowing what you needed to do, having tidy workspaces, living spaces or even a timetable! None of that last year… This year, put your diary to good use. Write down homework, tidy your room and even make a timetable to keep on top of important things. Last year, part of the time-management issue was organisation. 

Motivation and getting things done

This was another problem you faced in 2014. You left things to the last minute because you didn’t want to do them and because you felt it was boring. This year, it is important to get things done thoroughly and well, whilst also making sure you are not stressed. Do things when you remember, this year, not postponing them to the last minute. Good luck!

From, Self

What do you think? Are these good resolutions? Also, what are your New Year’s Resolutions for this fresh new year? Let me know in the comments!

Olivia, writing on a whim…



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