Student Blogging Challenge #Wk 2

Student Blogging Challenge, Writing

Dear Readers,

Let’s talk about commenting… Do you know the importance of using correct grammar and editing your work? Firstly, lets start with an example. Which comment do you think is better?

hay peeps! wha tis up with u? dats a real good post by da way… i hatz applz i really like pinaple. plzzzzz visit my blog _________ lol thx. ily from awesomeperson


Dear Olivia,

Congratulations on a well done post! It was very well edited and was a joy to read. I have to say, I am not a fan of apples, but adore pineapple! One suggestion could be that it would be more appealing to the eye if there were more pictures! That’s a lot of text! You can visit my blog at ________. Thank you!

From, Awesome Person. 

I think the answer to that one is fairly obvious. What do you think was wrong with the first one? Leave your answer in the comments!

Here are some tips for what makes a GOOD comment:

– compliment the blogger in a specific way

– edit and proofread

– give positive suggestions, if you have any

– ask questions, if you have any questions about a post, ask!

– never offend or hurt someone’s feelings

– include use of vocabulary

– answer questions posed by the blogger

– tell them about yourself (no personals)

You can see my Writing Rules page here:

Thanks for reading! Olivia, writing on a whim…



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