City of Ember Novel

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Dear Reader,

This term, my class is reading a book called The City of Ember. We were set the task to prepare a speech on the setting of the book. Here it is! Enjoy and hopefully, you will become interested in reading it!

Once, the Builders created a city called Ember. Then, they abandoned them and left them instructions to find their way out 220 years later. Now, the instructions are lost and Ember is slowly being engulfed by utter blackness…

Ember. The sky was black; an impossible, empty black that loomed over the city like it was enveloped in a deep shadow. The tall flood lamps drooped over you majestically as you marched briskly down the street. Their fiery orange eyes burned, stark in the darkness. Though slowly, gradually, their precise and intimidating stares turned dull and hollow, fading away and scarcely managing to illuminate the lives of Ember’s people.

Now, the mounted lights cast a mere haze over the people of Ember and every building, every item is in desperate need of repair. The once smooth, milky texture of houses and buildings are now flaking away, the remaining paint stonewashed and unadorned.

The lights flicker off without a trace and the shadows claw their way towards the heart of the city, engulfing the city piece by piece, radiating terror and alarm amongst the people. Will the city of Ember finally become submerged in the depths of the black abyss they live in? Or will a pathway towards the light be found?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Olivia, writing on a whim…


2 thoughts on “City of Ember Novel

  1. Hi Olivia!
    Love, Love, Love your Blog!
    It is so well organized and colorful. I din’t know you entered all the student blogging challenges!? Did you win any?
    Great Blog. Keep up the effort!


    1. Dear Elspeth,
      Thanks for your comment! I have entered the Student Blogging Challenge, as I have been doing it for the past 3 years. You don’t really win anything. Its just a fun thing for student bloggers!



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