Dear Readers,

Today, I was browsing a few blogs that have been liking my own and have come across one particular one I have taken a liking to. The blog is called ‘@sil @c@sio’ and has a post called Memory. I loved this poem as it was beautifully written on such an awful topic – exams.

It refreshed my mind about the most recent exam I completed in a fun way. I really loved the layout and the way this poem was written and I think you will like it too! Check out this great blog and comment above to tell me what you think!

Olivia, writing on a whim…

P.S If you liked it, here is another which I think you will find enjoyable:


One thought on “Memory

  1. I don’t know if you remember me but that blog was mine. I deleted it and this is my new blog.
    It took me three weeks to finally remember that awesome blogger who featured my post.

    I forgot to say this before. Thank you!

    If you don’t mind, I’ll be catching up with all your posts. 😀



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