100WC – My Ultimate Adventure

100 WC, Writing

The mass of crystal blue below me seemed to twist and turn in its deep, mysterious sleep. The many secrets that dwell below a deep, blue surface tickle my thoughts as I glide wistfully across. My hair billows up in front of me and gently pluck narrow strands from my mouth. The taste of salty mist dilutes the air. I inhale deeply, layering my trachea with beads of the dew. My wings, they tear through the air, leaving vibrant patterns burnt into the sky. Though colour fades in the rich luminescence of the sun. I watch as the imprints dissolve…

Olivia, writing on a whim…


6 thoughts on “100WC – My Ultimate Adventure

  1. Fabulous writing Olivia. I was there in the sky, slowly floating around. I love the bit about how the throat would feel. Wonderful!


  2. Hi Olivia,
    This is such great writing! It is so descriptive, and really describes this beautiful picture. Can you please post more of these? I really like them!
    PS: Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, they were great!


    1. Hey Darcey!
      Thank you for your comment! I do love the 100 Word Challenge! It challenges me to keep my writing concise, whilst creating a beautiufl, descriptive picture. I would definitely encourage you to do this as it is a really fun writing thing to do. It is a weekly challenge where you go onto this website: https://100wc.net/

      It gives you a prompt, or a picture / word that you base your writing on and you… create! You’re such a great writer, I really encourage you to do it!
      Olivia, writing on a whim…



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