Energy Usage

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1. What energy saving rules or practices are in place at your house. Example: we have energy efficient appliances, we try not to leave unnecessary lights on

To me and my family, the conserved use of energy and electricity is so valuable. In many areas of Australia, energy and electricity is taken for granted. Energy is a precious resource that powers our everyday lives. Really, without electricity, we would be unable to do that many ‘important’ aspects of our daily lives.  As a family, we have discussed the importance of reserving the energy we receive not only to keep our bill numbers down, but also to take care of the environment that surrounds us and shares our home.

However, talking means nothing! After discussing together how we can achieve this a family, we have resulted in these solutions. This has, ultimately, become our family goal for the year. We hope to maintain this and work together to make a difference in our society. A few of the solutions we have brainstormed together are as followed:

– Our air conditioning unit is one of the most power-absorbing appliances that we own. As well as this, it is one of the most frequent. Often, the small detail of pressing the ‘off’ button is overlooked, however, we have decided that this is one of the issues that we will overcome this year. We will do this by remembering to switch off this energy consuming installation when we leave the house, when it is not needed and at night. This applies to smaller heating devices such as fans and heaters as well.

– Another issue of mine is remembering to switch off lights when I leave the house or the room. This is one habit of mine that has become customary for me. For example, if I am fiddling with my hair, or experimenting with Mum’s lipstick in the bathroom, I often forget to switch the fan and lights off when I exit the room. This often happens in other rooms within our house as well. This is a waste of valuable energy and means that light bulbs will require changing much more frequently that it would have.

2. Who supplies energy to your house? How does it enter your house?

A company called Energy Australia powers our home. This energy is generated in the power plant in Mount Piper. This is the central plant where energy is generated for NSW. It enters my home via the overhead power lines that are hung about the streets. This electricity charges devices via the power plugs that can be plugged into the walls around my home.

3. What resource is used in the production of the energy that is supplied to your house eg coal, wood, gas, the sun etc

The Mount Piper power plant that we receive our energy from uses coal. Power is generated from the two coal-fired steam generators that have been built in the plant. I remember from last year, when we visited Bathurst, we stopped by one of the power plants. We learnt that Energy Australia in particular is a very energy efficient and environmentally friendly station as they convert the smoke created by the coal into steam, which is totally harmless to our environment (unlike smoke and smog).

We currently do not use the sun or water as natural energy generators, however, I hope to be able to talk to my family about this and perhaps install this in the future. This energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of creating energy would be great for us to use.

4. What effects would an energy blackout have on your normal family routines?

There are many effects that an energy blackout would pose on my daily routines. These days, every household depends on some form of technology, this dependence could lead to disastrous outcomes in a long or even permanent blackout. Some impacts that it would have on me include:

– No light to read or write. I, like many other girls, love to read and create poems and stories. However, without artificial lighting, I wouldn’t be able to do this daily activity!

– Television. Of course, all of us love television. It is one of my favourite activities – to slump onto my couch, pull a blanket up to my chin, sip on a steaming cup of tea and watch a few episodes of good old, Friends. Without electricity, this wouldn’t be possible! Neither would brewing  a cup of tea!

– Technology. In fact, not just television would be impossible to use, but all forms of digital technology. Phones, computers, microwaves, kettles, stoves, lights, iPads, etc. Without power, no chargers would be able to be used and therefore neither would theappliance itself. All of these things would affect me as I use kettles, microwaves and stoves to eat and computers, phones and iPads to complete my homework and generally browse the internet.

– Many other things. Many other things would not be available for use in a blackout, causing utter chaos within my usual family routine. I have named a few above.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me and my family’s usage of energy!

Olivia, writing on a whim…



5 thoughts on “Energy Usage

  1. Hey Olivia, it’s Katharine, again. I found this piece so interesting because I also believe that some Americans take advantage of the energy around them. I too often forgot to turn off the lights very often when I leave a room, but I’m going to try. You said in your piece that you like to write poems, Have you posted any on your blog? I’m a BIG fan of the villanelle which you can see on my blog. Have a great day and/or night! To revisit my blog –


    1. Hi Katharine, thanks for commenting! I do agree that many people take advantage of the energy they receive in their homes. As you have read, my family is trying to conserve our energy and it is great that you will try! I absolutely love to write poems. I have got a few on my blog. You can flick through… I will defnitely check out The Villanelle! Have a great day/night too!
      Olivia, writing on a whim…


  2. Hi Olivia,
    My house also have a rules to switch the light when ever we go out and go to sleep.
    I think it interesting that you use coal to get energy.
    Keep on going!


    1. Hi Alina,
      Thank you for your comment! Its great that your family has that rule. It is great that Energy Australia makes the smoke created by burnt coal into smoke. It is so much better for the environment.
      Thanks again, Olivia, writing on a whim…


  3. Hi Olivia,
    This is a great post! I think that you are making it a goal as a family to save energy is wonderful! It makes me want to make my family do the same too. I agree with your point of how air cons use up so much energy, and I think that this could be one of the biggest energy wasters in my house.

    In my house too, blackouts also cause chaos! They are unavoidable, yet are something that can make life trickier!



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