Sweet & Sour Easter

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Dear Readers,

Read this word:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Fehr


Easter. When you read this, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you know? For many, most, even all, this means hollow chocolate eggs, the much loved Easter Bunny, a family BBQ, yummy hot cross buns, going to church and… do..zing…..o…f…f…

SNAP!! WAKE UP!!! EASTER IS HERE! And this doesn’t all mean gorging yourself on chocolate that the Easter Bunny has delivered! Easter is a time of celebration, a time of joy and sadness, love and peace, communing and reflecting. We reflect on the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for us, his people who are sinners. 

Hang on, hang on… What does this all mean?? Some poor guy who randomly lived and died? That can’t signify much… How did this happen? Why? I am so confused. 

Don’t be! Here’s the story:

He Is Risen Religious Words isolated on white

Photo Credit: Genotar via Compfight

By all means, EAT, LAUGH, SMILE! But every time you bite into a tasty chocolate egg and find that, disappointingly, it is hollow, think to yourself: Hey, this signifies Jesus’ empty tomb, when he rose from dead on that third day! When you see a hot cross bun on your counter, think to yourself: That white cross signifies the cross that Jesus was crucified on. Don’t forget to remember Jesus at your family BBQ, take some time to remember him and thank him for his sacrifice.

Finally, when in Church, don’t doze off! Yes, it may become boring after a while, but take some time to reflect on Jesus’ life and his majestic sacrifice. Listen to the bible verses and what he did for us. Because of Jesus, his courage and eternal love, we can form a precious relationship with God that is everlasting. If only we believe, if only we trust in God and repent for our sins, we can spend our lives with him in heaven.

What did you do this year for Easter? Did you remember Jesus and what he did for us?

Olivia, writing on a whim…



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