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2-Column Flowery Photo Editing

MyPhotography, Photo Editing

Dear bloggers and avid photographers,

Onto ‘Post 2’ on Flowery Photo Editing. This time its a slideshow – every two photos are matches. In case you missed my first post on ‘Flowery Photo Editing’, click here for the link.

So, basically what I have been doing is taking pictures with my parent’s phones (Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s) cameras. I’ve got to say, the Samsung does have quite good quality but is limited in features. I can’t wait until I get a real camera, to experiment with aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

The basic difference between this post and the previous post is that these photos only have one edited progeny or one edited adaptation.

Keep posted for the last of my ‘column flowery photo editing’ posts!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…



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