Passion Project – Wk 1

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Dear Readers,

eiffel tower passion

Photo and Editing Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

May your imagination drive you towards your star. The star with your name branded onto it. Pursue that gleaming treasure, no interstellar experience required, for discovering your passion is worth each step. Some stars may prove bigger than those of others, but beauty is certain for all. Dream. Live. Love.
– Olivia Cejnar (me)

What might this mean for you? Whether you have decided on a career already, perhaps you are battling with yourself in the midst of selecting a lifetime wish, or possibly, you are determining which subjects you shall elect for middle school.

Pivotal decisions are inevitable in life, no matter the stage you may currently be within. However, the fundamental approach to persevering through these times is to bear in to bear in mind you. Train your eye to that shimmering star, the one that has your name scribed into it.

follow your passion

Photo Credit:

No matter how big that star is, despite how its reputation may be perceived in society, love conquers all. Therefore, be resilient, courageous, be bold and worthy of capturing your star. Achieve the dreams that you want. May this be anything that catches the path of your eye.

The importance of chasing your dreams and your star has been acknowledged in our school, resulting in a thorough and personal task to be completed over the course of 9 weeks. The project is regarding the subject of passions, and has proved quite a revolution in school projects / homework for us! Our accustomed view of tedious, tiresome homework has changed, and an innovative spark of stimulating and motivating ideas has created an animated attitude concerning homework.

passion project

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

I suspect, after paragraphs of my rambling on about the importance of loving what you do and doing what you love, be eager to know what the project is! It is, in fact, a Passion Project (as you may have gathered from the image). This task is entirely personalised by the student, meaning that they may choose their project, so long as there is an educational value in the task.

One popular idea is to gather a portfolio of childhood recipes and create a cookbook based on this. The learning aspect of this is to learn how to cook, how to design an appealing cookbook and potentially how to create recipes. Another popular idea is to write a short novella, and for some, illustrate it. The learning feature of this project is learning the details of planning a book and the tedious process of writing it. This particular project incorporates many details that prove time-consuming, but exciting.


Photo Credit: Exit Interiors

Initially, my mind was spinning with potential projects that I could choose, however after reflecting on these possibilities and summoning my introspective conscience, I decided that none of these particular projects proved correct for me. A few of my preliminary thoughts are as follow: After playing the violin for eight years and becoming fairly advanced, I thought I could incorporate my passion and adoration for music into my passion project. Such musical ideas included composing a violin concerto. I decided to discard this though, simply because this would prove to become less exciting than it seems, after the first few weeks. I needed something light-hearted and intriguing that I could become engrossed in throughout the entire period of time we were carrying out our projects for.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

My second musical idea was to thoroughly research a small selection of composers (preferably composers whose pieces are already in my Suzuki book) and put this information into a suitable sized book. Following this, I would prepare a piece from each composer to perform at the presentation day. Being who I am, I would find the latter part of project slightly embarrassing and daunting. I did consider simply taking this part out, however then the project would become slightly dull.

Similarly to many other girls in my class, the idea of writing a novella did appear in my mind due to my passion for writing and ‘painting with words’. Despite this adoration and sense of tranquillity when I write, I have never seemed to have the will power to write more than five to ten pages of a book! I have since discovered that descriptive, free verse poetry is the writing that I love. You can view my poetry and photography in the posts below, and in the category labelled ‘Poetry’.

passion is the key

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

From this idea and a sudden love, if not obsession with photography, I developed my Nobel Prize winning project solution. During the holidays, I discovered this photography obsession of mine, from my mum’s iPhone (8megapixels) to my Dad’s Samsung Galaxy S4 (13 megapixels) to the (fairly rubbish) 12 megapixel digital camera. Using a digital camera is easy and takes photos that are fine even perfect for a family simply wanting to capture memories without any hassle, but I wanted more, I felt restricted by these cameras and not having the ability to experiment with aperture, shutter speed or ISO.

Photo Credit:

I wanted to incorporate my passion for writing and poetry with photography. As you can see if you click on the ‘MyPhotography’ / ‘Photo Editing’ categories, I have been taking macro shots with the digital camera and uploading it to my blog. As an addition to this, I have found wonderful inspiration and have discovered poetry photography, or photography which is written about and described using free verse photography. A few of the blogs that have acted as an inspiration to me include: The Ancient Eavesdropper Raindrops, Passion Through Poetry, Nina Joan, The Darkroom Nerd and more… See my blogroll for more.

Long story short, I have decided to do poetry and photography as my passion project. The learning aspect of this is that I will learn how to use an SLR camera and demonstrate these skills by taking photos and experimenting with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I will then be writing free-verse poetry about these photos and posting it on my blog. For the presentation of the project, these posts will be put in a portfolio and made into a book.

Keep posted to see my project develop!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…


8 thoughts on “Passion Project – Wk 1

  1. Hi Liv,
    You passion project is very interesting. I absolutely love your idea and have enjoyed reading your comments and looking at your photos you have taken. I must say, I never knew you were into photography. It must be a natural talent as you are amazing at it. I love how you position the camera when taking the photo. I am very impressed and I wish you luck with your project!


    1. Dear Gem,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! Yes, I only developed a passion for it during the holidays! Thank you, I would love to see your photos of when you go on your bushwalk! Wishing you luck and support on your passion project!
      Liv xx


  2. Hi Liv,
    Your photos on your post are amazing! I never knew that you were into photography and were so talented at it! Your photos are so interesting and beautiful – you will soon become an expert! Keep going and good luck with your passion project!
    Sarah B


    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thank you so much! Yes, none of even my close friends know this until now, as I only developed this passion in the holidays. I’ve had lots of inspiration from other photography and poetry blogs. I have visited your passion project, it looks amazing, can’t wait to hear / see the final product! Good luck to you too!
      Liv xx


  3. Dear Olivia
    All Your ideas are fantastic. I didn’t know you liked photography. I love all the pics you have taken you are really good. I hope you have fun with your passion project.
    -Tahlia 🙂


    1. Hi Elle!
      Thank’s a lot! I agree that photography is a beautiful skill. I thought it would be beautiful to take it one step further and do poetry as well!



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