Dainty Daisies

MyPhotography, Passion Project

Dear Bloggers,

As you may or may not know, I received a new camera on the weekend! I have been avidly photographing anything and everything my camera lens will lay its focus on. In this post I will be showing you some photos of the purple daisies that consume our garden with their violet glow. With the new features and abilities of the SLR, I have been able to include depth-of-field in my photos, which is basically how blurred the background is or how much focus is on the subject.

I have also been taking the photos at different angles to create different effects. I think the most effective part of these photos is the depth of field. It allows more focus on the subject and gives a much more professional and generally better effect. I changed the aperture to make some images brighter and some darker as you can see below. I also set the focus to manual and adjusted it to suit each setting.

This is one example of a few of the photos I took with my small digital camera. They are beautiful, perhaps my best photos, but aren’t really the same as the depth-of-field or the blurred background are very automatic, taking away from the experience. The camera does do a great job, however!


I think these photos are clearer and more ‘macro’ because the digital camera is nearly entirely automatic, so it adjusts it perfectly, at least better than I (just learning) can manually achieve. My camera’s issue is also that, since the lens is a 24 – 105mm lens, it’s purpose is not for macro shots and so does not allow the camera to be too close to the subject without the focus becoming blurry because of the closeness.


However, both cameras and photos have beautiful effects and are able to achieve much in their photographs.

What do you think of them? Which camera’s photos do you like? Digital or manual?

Let me know in the comments!

Olivia, writing(and photographing) on a whim…



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