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Dear Bloggers,

As in the last post, I learnt about perspective. So, what is perspective and how can I use it to enhance my photos?


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Perspective Definition

Perspective can mean, in photography – from a personal view or a two dimensional illustration drawn to give the perspective of a 3D object.

What is perspective in photography?

Earth is 3 dimensional, but a photograph is 2 dimensional. When a 3D object is photographed, it is really a 2D depiction of a 3D object. Putting perspective into action in photographs can make an image much more interesting.

Perspective refers to the relationships between objects in a photograph, the distance, size and space etc. When the perspective is changed, it can, for the mind, change the shape, size and, overall the perspective of the scene.

Linear Perspective

The farther an object is from the viewer, the smaller it appears, also, when parallel lines meet at a distance this is called linear perspective. This is how the human brain judges distance. Linear perspective is affected by the distance from camera to the subject and the focal length of the lens.

Rectilinear Perspective

All lenses apart from some like fisheye lenses are rectilinear. This means they shoot the lines as they are (straight lines). A fish eye lens, however, produces a rounded perspective. For example, as shown:

Parallel lines in a photo gives the perspective that they will eventually meet at a far distance, this is called vanishing point. This is another example of perspective.

Height Perspective

When photographing a landscape scene where the foreground gradually rises toward the horizon, the viewer‘s mind reaches the conclusion that the higher up the base of an object is in the ground, the greater its height perspective. I have experimented with this whilst photographing trees.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Overlap Perspective 

When photographing a scene with different objects overlapping, the objects that are nearer to the camera overlap or obstruct the objects that are farther away. THis is obvious when viewing the photo. This partial obstruction or overlapping of various elements gives the viewer a sense of depth and perspective of the distance between objects in reality.


Dwindling Size Perspective

In our mind we are aware of the sizes of most objects we are familiar with. Such as people, animals, trees etc. When photographing, this can be used. For example, in a scene with two people, if one appears twice the size of the other, the automatic expectation is for the viewer to think the bigger person was closer to the camera.

When shooting a landscape with a person or any known subject in it, the viewer will be able to guess the distance and the scale. The photographer can then establish a scale the viewer could use to compare the real size of various objects in the photograph.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Other simpler perspectives include bird’s eye view, side view, keystoned (from below). These are the perspectives I have used in my previous post’s photographs.

There are a few more, however, I won’t get into that today. After learning about this, I will try taking a few photos in more industrial areas!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…



10 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Wow Olivia,
    it does seem like you are making brilliant progress learning more and more about photography. I can’t wait to see how you will present this very interesting project.
    Good luck!


    1. Hi Sachi,
      Thanks so much! I have been so engrossed in the learning stage of the passion photography, I really need to focus on presentation! Yes, I will be posting how I will present in this weeks post!
      Thanks again,
      Liv 🙂


  2. Hi Liv,
    I love these photos and how you have set out your blog post! I love how there are different types of perspective it is very interesting. I do have one question for you and it is how are you going to be presenting your final product. Good luck I think it is going great Ruby.


    1. Hi Ruby,
      Thank you so much! Isn’t perspective interesting! I totally agree about how there are so many aspects of photography! Well, in this week’s post, I will be posting how I will present, so keep posted! Thank you so much, Ruby!
      Liv 🙂


  3. Hi Liv,
    I really enjoyed looking at all these different and unique photos you have taken or got off the internet.. I love the Eiffel Tower, being whom I am!!!! ( I have the Eiffel Tower in my finger tips, Ha ha ha.) I love how you have set out your blog.
    keep up with the good work.


    1. Hi Lea,
      Thanks so much! I enjoyed taking some photos of myself whilst also finding some inspiration on the internet! Of course, the Eiffel Tower photo perfectly describes you! And, yes I get your joke!
      Thanks again,
      Liv x


  4. Hi Liv,

    I am not so sure if this is your passion project post, but I will comment on it anyway!

    The photos you took look absolutely amazing! They are already looking so professional! I thought the photos you found of the Eiffel Tower and the rock wall look so cool! It is amazing how wherever you position your camera makes a difference. It makes it look as if you are stepping or squashing the item in the background!

    I enjoyed how you thought of something different for your post instead of always posting photos that you have taken, but you thought of posting on other perspectives which I personally found very interesting!

    Your post was so well written and I can not wait to see your presentation! Speaking of presentation, it is coming up very quickly so hopefully you are on track and ready!

    Good luck and well done!

    Lily 🙂


    1. Hi Lily,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I agree, the perspective photos were quite amazing! Photography has so many aspects to it that I have been learning! I love perspective particularly, I shall certainly be trying it out. Yes, I agree that instead of just posting my photos, it was great to post on techniques and skills in photography. I will certainly be doing more of that!
      Thanks again Lily,
      Olivia 🙂



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