Passion Project Wk 6

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Dear Bloggers,

As a result of a dramatic (though beneficial) fluctuation of weather patterns, I have been able to venture out of the warmth of my house and do some photography as I walked my dog.

Currently, my personal opinion is that our street is one of the most sumptuous halls of autumn shades! Crisp orange leaves line the pavement in neatly stacked piles and threadbare trees droop over the ebony bitumen, wary of the approaching winter. So… I have been taking many autumn / winter photos to share.

I will also be spending the last week of the ‘doing’ stage of the passion project learning and absorbing as much as I possibly can!

As you can see with most of these photos, the exposure has been perfected. Even though I have learnt the functions of ISO, I have chosen not to adjust that particular setting in the area I was photographing, as the light was sufficient. From the skill of exposure that I have learnt, I have implemented it in order to create perfect photographs.

One thing I really need to work on is how recklessly I photograph. From what I learned about perspective recently, I have been snapping multiple photographs of each subject in different angles, consuming much space on the CF card!

In this photoshoot, I also executed the skills I learnt in my ‘focus’ post and how I can focus and use aperture and depth of field in order to enhance the focus and blurred effect of the background and of the subject itself. In many of the above photos, the focus and emphasis has been placed solely on the subject, the depth of field very shallow. However, in other photos, the setting, background, foreground and subject have been carefully taken into account and the aperture / depth of field set to the appropriate setting.

In the next Wk 6 post, I will be posting on my monochrome photographs, and my experiments and education on how I can enhance the effects of my monochrome photography. As well as this, I will be posting my poems in mass. Don’t forget to read my Wk 5 post to check out what I will be doing about the poetry!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…


3 thoughts on “Passion Project Wk 6

  1. Fantastic photos, Liv, they have so much texture I want to just grab the leaves and crunch them in my hands, and run my fingers across the tree bark. We do live in a gorgeous area, your photos make me appreciate this all the more.


  2. Hi Liv,
    Your photo’s looking incredible, I think you are going to do really well on your Passion Project.
    Good luck!
    From Melanie



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