Passion Project Wk 8

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Dear Bloggers / Photographers,

This week, I am required to write a reflection of my progress and overall completion of the passion project. My organisation, struggles and achievements – how did I progress through my project? Were my organisation skills enhanced? Did my struggles over power my weaknesses?

As an overall reflection, I am immensely proud of what I have produced and learnt, certain that photography will remain a significant aspect of my life. I have, from this passion project, learnt and collected a valuable set of skills that I will certainly be implementing in my future photography. I will also be posting more about my adventures with photography following the close of the project itself.

One of the most valuable and important things that I told myself as this project was introduced and we were told to prepare was that I must at least choose something that I am genuinely passionate and engaged in. Despite the trials, difficulties and stress that I faced as I progressed through the project, I genuinely enjoyed my chosen project.

I discovered that I had an immense passion and interest in photography – and wished to learn and discover more about “professional photography” after experimenting with the 8 megapixel small digital family camera and my parent’s phone cameras. After given the DSLR camera by my amazing Dad, I was instantly engaged in my project. A true passion is what I wanted, and it is certainly a successful outcome!

How was your time management?

I have always been poorly and managing my time. From last year to this year, I believe I have improved slightly with my management, however, in order to remain successful in senior school and not “burn out”, I will need to step up my game and learn to manage my time better. This project in particular was designed to improve and “test” time management skills as the project was spread out into a whole term.

One of the significant things of which I learnt during the project and in school generally this term, is that I work extraordinarily well under extreme pressure. For example, in many cases, I have left important assignments and projects to the last minute, perhaps even the day before, and have managed to complete them thoroughly in a time frame of, well, very little time!

What were some challenges you faced?

Time management was certainly one of my challenges. Leaving things to the last minute occurred often during my passion project, which in some cases I am disappointed with myself, but in other ways, I don’t really mind, as I know I have always produced well completed results mainly on time!

This was the case with many of my posts and in particular, my photobook. I had, in fact, left the presentation (book) to the VERY last minute, in fact, the Thursday before presenting! A few weeks before, I had begun a photo book that included ALL my pictures, but slowly became IMMENSELY expensive as I added pages and pages. The photos in it were also abundant in number and most not my best quality photographs.

How did you overcome these challenges?

So, on the Wednesday a week before the presentation, I went through my 3000 photos and picked the best 500. Quite a tedious task! The following day, I spent the ENTIRE period of time between arriving home from school, to going to bed (at 11pm, might I say!) starting, and finishing my book!

I was extraordinarily proud of myself for completing something that would normally have taken me, and anyone else a few thorough weeks to complete well. This is one of the instances where I learnt that I work well under pressure! Of course, if I had done it over a few weeks, I would have probably completed an even better book, but the current result is still pleasing.

Did you achieve the task you set out to complete?

Yes, fortunately, I did complete and achieve the task I set out to complete! This is a quote from my second week of the passion project, describing what I was aiming to achieve by the end of the project.

I need to learn these skills…

  • how to photograph using an SLR camera (no experience)
  • aperture, ISO, shutter speed, depth of field
  • angled shots
  • edit photos
  • sharpen images and use RAW
  • enhance photos and colour

I will know I have completed my task when…

  • I am able to easily enhance my photos using photo editing
  • Be able to explain clearly what each feature is
  • Be able to incorporate into my photography and explain what I have done
  • Produce quality images with descriptive, thoughtful poetry

After progressing and developing understanding and implementation of these skills, I have discovered (after learning what in fact they are!) that some are not for me. Such include editing photos and using RAW. I have not completed or achieved these skills, as editing photos properly costs money (using programs such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop) and using online editing websites such as PicMonkey are not great quality for a professional outcome.

However, yes I did manage to achieve the rest of these skills in great detail, in fact, I went beyond these as a result of my obsession with photography. So, I learnt much more about the types and in camera effects. I also explored it with more detail than I initially anticipated.


Were your goals realistic? Of what are you most proud? 

I do believe my goals were realistic, however, I did not manage / want to engage in photo editing for reasons I have stated above. The rest were very realistic with passion and determination that were involved! I am overall, extremely proud of what I have achieved, and believe it is an extremely worthwhile project if a genuine passion is chosen.

Otherwise, the project is not enjoyable and the difficulties become exceptionally more difficult than for those who have chosen true passions. I am overjoyed that I have discovered this passion | hobby of photography. I am also proud that I produced a beautiful photo book that I will treasure forever! My development of poetry is also a valuable skill for me.

I hope you have enjoyed following my progress!

Olivia, writing (and photography) on a whim…


One thought on “Passion Project Wk 8

  1. Hi Liv,
    If looks like you’ve really learned a lot about photography! Looking at your photos, they all seem to be really interesting, artistic and high quality – much better than I can do it! Your documentation and reflection really showed that your heart is in your project, and even though you taking pictures of me having breakfast all the time gets annoying, it’s clearly for a good cause. I hope that you’ll continue taking photos after your project is over.



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