Passion Project Reflection


Dear Bloggers / Photographers,

Yesterday, the passion projects that we have been tirelessly working on for the term were presented. The quality of work and effort thrown into completing a thorough project was evident in all of the projects that were seen and presented.

The variety of projects that had been completed over the term was truly stunning, as the diversity of choices truly showed how, as individuals, we are all unique and entitled to our own opinions and points of view in society. Overall, the quality was immensely impressive and the presentation was certainly a memorable event.

Specifically, the result of my personal presentation was certainly pleasing, and a presentation of which I was immensely proud. I included the Canon EOS 400D – the camera of which I carried out my passion project with; a vintage Kodak camera used with film – a comparison to compare the development of cameras over the years; my laptop with the homepage of my blog; the accessories (cables, CF cards, batteries etc) and, of course, my photo book!

The result was great, as I was told by many people that the book was lovely and something that (of course I will!) treasure forever! I will be posting a few photos of the final book in the following post!

How the presentation worked was this:

Lunch – setting up in JYA foyer

1.30 – 3.00 – presentation

Between the latter times, 6 groups were created. In each of those 6 groups were approximately 10 presentations. Thus, about 10 people presented at one time.


This resulted in immense noise being radiated around the foyer, and limited time for each presentation.


My suggestion is that it would be more beneficial to present over two days. Perhaps 1-2 periods on the Wednesday for half the grade. The following afternoon, for 1-2 periods, the remaining half would present. This, I believe, would be much more beneficial as the noise and busy atmosphere would be suitably decreased. The focus and interest would not be flickered from between 50 different presentations at one time.


Another problem that many of us encountered was that set up was not necessarily tailored to the individual presentation’s needs.


For the students to, perhaps, plan a map prior to the presentation day would mean the layout and set up would be prepared and tailored to the needs of the individual presentations.


I, personally, believe that comments were simply a waste of time for many, as they were often not constructive or helpfully written. The minority of girls would spend their time constructively writing feedback that would help the girls in future. This was not the case often, however.

This is my opinion on why the comment writing was not (most of the time) constructive. However, for many, it is lovely to be able to have visitors and viewers to read and understand their passion project processes.


For this particular problem, I’m not entirely sure there is a solution, as writing the comments is significant in the point of view of the author, because viewers are valuable whilst writing a blog. However, the comments were frequently not valuable, as they did not include helpful or constructive feedback. Of course, the odd constructive comment does appear!

Overall, I was exceptionally pleased with how the passion project was planned by the teachers. These minor improvements would enhance the project just that little bit more!

I truly hope that you have enjoyed following the process of my passion project! Stay tuned!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…



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