Term 3 SMART Goals


Dear Bloggers,

As a fresh term has dawned on us not two weeks ago, we are required to discover and set new Term Goals, reflecting on our performance in achieving those from the previous term. In my case, my goals were achieved, and well, as it directly related to the completion of my Passion Project (see previous posts). I have thought about and set this goal as it is a significant aspect of my life of which I aspire to improve!


This term, a significant goal of which I aspire to complete and achieve includes spending an increased amount of time during the week improving my fitness and physical activity. Previously, my stamina and physical fitness have not been areas of which I have devotedly worked with and improved. In order to be able to participate widely and ably in various sports, to increase my fitness level would certainly be beneficial.

To do this would also enhance my results and ability in terms of sports and will enable a larger and vaster variety of sports of which I can happily and physically participate in. To successfully and subtly achieve this, I will aim to, as well as the various sports (weekly P.E. classes, weekly tennis lessons and this term, weekly netball) boost my fitness and stamina levels by jogging and sprinting our local oval perhaps a few times a week, as well as pay more attention during P.E. I have also considered joining Athletics, which has been encouraged by the coach.


I believe that this is certainly measurable as my fitness and stamina will visibly improve as the year draws to an end. If I am successful, I will aim to be able to comfortably run 800 meters / the Rosie Run and my sprint times faster than those of the athletics carnival. By the end of the year, I will measure whether this has been achieved, as well as by gathering feedback from Mrs Moore.


If I set my mind to the task and remain committed over the semester, I believe that (possibly) I can achieve this and increase my physical performance and ability! As well as this, I will not seem so frightened and exhausted after participating in physical activity that is taxing on my body.


I do think that this is a fairly realistic goal, as physically, this is possible. It is merely mental and motivational boundaries that are restricting me in my ability / physical stamina.


I believe that, in many ways, this goal is timely, as it will either be complete or incomplete by the close of the semester. My Personal Best scores in P.E. should be increased and I should feel great when participating in (currently) taxing physical activity!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…


One thought on “Term 3 SMART Goals

  1. Hi Liv,
    Your goal sounds great!
    Seeing as though you are a hard and determined worker, I am sure that you will be able to improve your fitness immensely. I wish you luck with your goal for this term!

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