Chapter 1 – Capital F

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Note: the overview in the previous post is merely my ideal story unfolding, however, you, as readers and voters, can redirect that story in any which way I present to you…


The cursor flashes expectantly as I thump in the letters of my desired destination.


One word. One word chosen from an infinite amount. A sheltered, convenient escape from inevitable suffering and pain. That is all I need – my treatment – and then I will be hauled into reality once again, unpleasant veracities greeting me. As I snap my cursor to the suggested search of Facebook with a capital F, a blue login page welcomes me, the final stage of transit before I am plummeted into a fantasy.

Email or Phone:


On the Internet, I can be anything. No one will know. I don’t have to be the 13-year-old nobody shadowed by her suffering older sister, invasively nosy mother. I can be anyth-

As I reach to type my password, the hollow and frustrated sob of my sister suggests my comfort.

She’s crying, again. The arrow on my screen hovers over the red cross, imprinted in a desolate corner, and with reluctance, I hear the click as the boarding gate snaps shut. Instead, a monotonous mauve background burns my eyes. I flip the laptop shut and glance at the fluorescence of my alarm clock. 11:58PM.

She can’t sleep, again, stress seizing and tensing every bone. It’s as though she is relinquishing her sanity, when she encounters a stress attack. The insomnia has majorly affected her – Mum was told today that it has developed from an acute to chronic condition. But it’ll all be over soon…

As I nudge the door, I see that Daphne’s eyes are inflamed, burning the crimson red of blood as she weeps. Her body trembles in my embrace, opaque mascara dripping from her lashes. Across the room, a cluttered mass of studying material occupies her desk.

“Year 12 bugs, huh.” My pathetic attempt at comfort.

I don’t hear an answer. Just a reassuring squeeze that she hasn’t lost it completely.

It doesn’t stop till 1:07AM, when her bleeding eyes droop and mascara-stained lids enclose her vision. Our arms are wrapped around one another and we are one…

a) Audrey awakens in the morning, sprawled out on her sister’s bed, the house and Daphne’s bedroom vacant of its owner…

b) Audrey awakens in the morning, sits at her desk and enters her digital fantastical world before a devastating calamity…

c) Daphne receives an anonymous letter structured in verse, and its composer unusually familiar…

Olivia, writing on a whim…


17 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Capital F

    1. Hi Mrs M,
      Thank you so much for your comment. If you receive this reply, could you please clarity again which option you are voting for, as I made an error in the option 1, 2 and 3, and accidentally didn’t include the first option. I have updated it.
      Thank you,


  1. Hi Liv,
    What a gripping start. I had to just keep reading I was too engrossed! I love what your storyline is about as well; very original.
    In terms of voting, I struggled to make up my mind. All of them would be so intriguing to read. I agree with Mrs Miller about the second option, however I also really want to read about the first option as it has left me hanging.
    In conclusion, I cannot make up my mind about the first or second option.
    I loved reading your post,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Gem,
      Thank you so much for your well-considered comment. I tried hard to make the choices difficult, however, this is not very convenient for my readers. Depending on the votes I receive, I will choose which option I want to occur! Thanks so much again for your comment!
      Liv xx


  2. Hi Olivia,
    Beautiful descriptive writing. I’d really like to find out more about her world and why she is so desperate to escape. Can’t wait for the next installment.
    I hope Option 1 leads us to some mystery…
    Karen B


  3. Dear Olivia,
    You have exquisite detail and depth. This story grabs you attention and you just want to keep keep reading. I would go with option 2, as Audrey wanted to go onto Facebook and look at it. This was a excellent piece of writing and I can’t wait for more. Keep writing great job.


  4. Hi Olivia,
    I love your engaging start. It makes me want to read your second chapter as you always engage people with depth and detail. It’s hard to choose between all the great options but I think that I’ll choose option 3. I look forward to reading more. Good Luck!
    – Vanessa


    1. Hi Vanessa and Kaumudi,
      Thank you so much for your comments and votes! However, unfortunately, I cannot count your votes as I have already written my second chapter! I am so sorry, but thanks for your participation!


  5. Hi Liv,
    WOW what a great first chapter! you have me hooked!!
    It was a very hard decision but I am going to have to go with option 3.
    I can’t wait to read the second chapter!


  6. Hi Liv

    I have to vote for option 3 as I really want to know who has written the letter and what the content of the letter is. Most intriguing. A really interesting storyline Liv. I enjoyed your descriptive writing. It really made me feel sorry for both sisters. What a hard time for their family. Look forward to reading more of your captivating storyline.

    Nat S



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