Chapter 2 – Oxygen

CYOA, Writing

Note:  Firstly, I cannot express my appreciation for my readers and voters who have contributed to the development of this story. Yesterday, I counted the votes and the results are as follow:

  1. II votes
  2. III votes
  3. II votes

Surprisingly, and with much relief, I counted that option b, that Audrey would enter her digital fantasy (Facebook) before a devastating accident… Please read on to discover what occurs of Audrey and her sister, Daphne!

Throbbing with hostility, my head is a 20 kilogram weight, thrust to the side, straining my neck with the excruciating effort of supporting it. I feel weight as the blood cells rush toward… the right – probably the cause of my head’s weight. Every inch of my body seems to ache, a sticky substance glazing several patches of my face. Processing my surroundings causes immense agony as I drag my eyelids… to the right.

I am directed in an awkward position, my left arm cradled to my chest, a deep gouge puncturing its skin. Blood gushes from the wound, a large metal splinter the intruder. My trembling hands reach to salvage the crushed metal – merely bloody hands, unexplainable agony and a strangled scream the result. I seem to be imprisoned in a disfigured metal entrapment that was my sister’s mini.

Daphne. Gently, cautiously, my head rotates towards the wheel, tears gushing from my eyes. My face stings as the tiny droplets make contact with numerous wounds. Her face is peaceful as the red fluid dribbles into and from her mouth. Her eyes, typically fluctuating between 50 vivacious shades of green lie dull, lifeless and rolled to one side. Her chest barely flitters up. Down. Up. Down. Flat.

Oxygen. We need the precious atoms of oxygen in an accident dripping with blood, and tragedy. As I reach toward her with my uninjured arm, the distant and relieving melody of sirens pierces through the air. Symbolising an accident. An emergency. Perhaps even death…

Now, the choice is yours. It is your choice on how I must backfill this section next chapter.

Since the vote from last week was option b, which suggested Audrey had been / was going to enter Facebook, this will be a common option throughout the selections.

  1. Audrey and her sister lost the coin toss. Daphne must drive to Aldi to purchase every packet of quinoa in stock. However, not 10 minutes prior, she had consumed her daily sedatives. Audrey must leave her plane to fantasy. As they drive to Aldi, Daphne falls asleep and crashes the car.
  2. Audrey enters her fantasy, called away by her mother who demands she go with Audrey to the Psychological Development Centre. She crashes the car as of stress.
  3. After being on Facebook, Audrey becomes aware of a party, and leaves for it on her bicycle. After her transportation device being destroyed, she requires her sister’s assistance and help. However, the car crashes as of Daphne’s psychological state.

Thanks for reading this week’s installment of ‘Saving Audrey’. Please do vote on what you would like to read next week! Sorry for not being able to complete the chapter, this “backfill” is my strategy to maintain your interest.

Olivia, writing on a whim…


16 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Oxygen

  1. Hi Liv

    What a difficult choice but I’m voting for the first option. I think there’s a good message in that option to highlight the importance of responsible driving. How will the parents feel when they hear about the accident? I’m sure guilt will play a big role in the next chapter for all the main characters. Keep up the great descriptive writing and gripping storyline.

    Nat S


    1. Dear Nat,
      Yes, this is definitely a significant message in modern society, as responsible driving is vital… for survival! It certainly will. Overcoming the guilt is a large theme centering in my book.


  2. Hi Liv,
    I love how dramatic your story is it gives it the emotion and feel needed to understand the story. I understand that you probably can’t answer this question, but is Daphne DEAD?!! I vote for option 3 because being in our age in our society we have made a condition FOMA (Fear of missing out) and it would be really bad if Audrey comes home at 1 AM.
    Bella 😀


    1. Hi Bella,
      Yes, I tried to make it IMMENSELY dramatic… can you tell? Well… this question is what you will vote on next week! This is what I want, as a personal author’s point of view, but it is up to my readers and voters! Yes, I agree that this is a terrible condition that teenagers need to “get over”! It would be interesting to incorporate some “modernity” (if I haven’t already done by incorporating Facebook) to engage my readers!
      Thanks so much for your comment and vote!


  3. Hi Liv,
    Why would anyone want to buy that much quinoa? It is quite reckless for Daphne to drive taking sedative medications. Let’s see wher option 1 takes us.


    1. Hi Karen,
      This is an extremely good question which I acknowledge. Ask Audrey’s mother! Or the author, you could just as well retort! She’s obviously making an extremely large recipe!
      Yes, I agree. Thanks for your vote!


  4. Hi Liv,
    There are a broad range of aspects I am enjoying throughout each of your chapters. Yes, the wonderful descriptive writing, yes the gripping storyline, but one thing I feel you are doing particularly well is keeping your chapters at a good length. This is tricky. Whilst on one hand I am sure you have a million ideas racing around that you are bursting to share, but on the other hand you seem to have excellent ‘control’ of just how much you are willing to share with your readers….enough to keep us ‘hooked’ which keeps you audience engaged…..before, no doubt, you ‘reel us in!’ Well done 🙂
    I tend to agree with Nat that Option 1 is a significant message on today’s society. Howevere, I am going to go with Option 3. Audrey reminds me of a few girls I know! And FOMA is far higher on their list of priorities (unfortunately) at her age.
    Can’t wait for your next instalment.
    Mrs W


    1. Hi Mrs W,
      Thank you for your, obviously, thoroughly considered comment! I appreciate the time and effort you have spent commenting and giving feedback on 28 blogs (and more?)! Yes, to be extremely cautious when driving is so vital in today’s society, and this option certainly would graphically describe the consequences of the contrary, however, it is interesting to have a different point of view, one that I totally agree with – FOMA (as you have said) unfortunately, is a “condition” that many teens suffer from in this modern age, so dependent on technology and of other’s opinions of one’s self. Thanks for your comment!


  5. Dear Olivia,
    I loved this piece of writing it had great description to what you were writing. I would have to go with option 3 as I would love to see what happens. You definitely know how to grabs someones attention.
    Keep writing like this
    Mia D


  6. Hi Olivia,
    I loved the start of your story! Your story is so intriguing and so interesting. I think that I should vote for option three! I think that option three would be great because I would love to see your story go down that option.
    I can’t wait to read your other chapters!
    I am definitely coming back to your blog!
    Happy Blogging!


    1. Hi Mia,
      Thanks for your comment! I agree that it would be an interesting option, despite the fact that my original plan was to go down the road of Option 1. Hope to see you back soon!


  7. Hi Liv,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your second chapter! Like last week, you hooked me in right from the beginning. Like Bella mentioned in her comment, is Daphne dead? I really want to find out! What will happen when her mum finds out?
    In terms of my vote, I would have to go with option 1. Like my mum, I think that nowadays many people do not realise what the risk of driving when tired and after drinking some alcohol is.


    1. Hi Gem,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Hmm… similarly to my reply to Bella’s comment, I cannot tell… may the mystery engage you to follow up next week! Sorry for the drama. 🙂 I agree, this is quite a popular vote, do you think I made my other options less exciting?
      Thanks, Liv


  8. Hey Liv!
    I love your 2nd chapter, I totally vote for Option 1. as I believe it will set out such an amazing story. Your imagery was really emotive and it engaged me from the start! Good Luck for your next post!



    1. Hey Amb,
      Thanks so much! Yes, I think that Option 1 would certainly allow my story to flow well whilst also bringing a significant message for this generation! Thanks so much for your comment!



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