Chapter 5 – Click For Support


Note:  Thanks for voting even though my post was quite late!  Last week, we experienced the death of Daphne, and her family’s reaction to the devastation. The votes for last week are as follow:

  1. 5
  2. 6

So close! Both were very popular, however, realism seemed to dominate fantasy in this particular CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure). As Option 2 won the vote, I will be writing my story based on the option that Daphne has (definitely) died, her family suffering terrible grief. However, to ease this, Audrey enters her digital fantasy and finds someone who has endured similar pain, befriending them. They help one another find happiness. Enjoy this week’s instalment of Saving Audrey.

My fingers stall, still with hesitance, yet determined to forget. To forget what once was joy and perfection. To forget what turned into something horrific, unforgivable and unendurable, bittersweet. The determination proves dominant, and the words that appear on the screen satisfy my temptation.


A vast and pleasing mass of blue meets my eye as various elements of the page assemble. I enter my page, numerous updates and chat rooms awaiting my arrival. Sympathetic apologies and condolences seem to mock my pain and grief. Why am I here? To forget. How can I overlook my sister’s death with mock sympathy forcing and manipulating my emotions?

I can’t, period. Despite this, I make the empty decision to enter a chat room labelled: Click for support. Staring blankly, I feel my eyes as they are dragged with the cursor on my screen, the flashing line awaiting my engagement as it arrives in the textbox. I simply watch as conversation unfolds within my vision, meaningless words appearing suddenly on the screen.

LifeSavingAdvice101: the world luvs u and supports u! Don’t be depressed. Your mum is happy in heaven.

UnlovedKittie: easy 4 u to say. U don’t have to put up with the pain! 😥

LifeSavingAdvice101: just clear your mind and memories of her and pretend she is right next to you. I know you are sad.

UnlovedKittie: no you don’t. she was my best friend. ITS NOT SO SIMPLE AS TO FOLLOW YOUR STUPID ADVICE!!!

LifeSavingAdvice101: its gonna be alright. Just look at the beauties in life.

UnlovedKittie has left the chat room.

Regret forces my absence from the page. Nothing is going to be alright. There is nothing beautiful about life. She is gone. I will never recover. I will never feel the joy of her infectious laughter, her witty sense of humour ever again…

This is chapter 5 of Saving Audrey. I do hope you enjoyed it! I promise, it will be much less depressing next week. Here are your options to vote from:

  1. Audrey and her family move to Tasmania to begin a new life, the development of Audrey’s happiness and recovery ending the story.
  2. Audrey receives a private message from a victim of grief and member of the Click for support chat room. They begin a journey to support one another and help each other remember, but forget. This option will take 2 more chapters.
  3. One morning, Audrey goes to her sister’s grave, accepting the reality. She leaves her memories and grief with a bunch of daphne flowers, ending the story positively, but with room for imagination and thought.

Choose wisely! Olivia, expression through the lens (and words)…


8 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Click For Support

  1. So sad Liv and very well written. I vote for option 2 where a new relationship is formed allowing for more story development and a feeling of hope for Audrey and her new cyber friend. Keep up the evocative writing Liv.


  2. Hello Liv,

    That was so sad and depressing, I am glad that you will make it less sad and depressing next week. i vote for option 2.

    Sarah g


  3. You have described grief so succinctly. Great work again, Olivia.
    Thes options are difficult, but I would not want her to move away to Tasmania. She must learn to live a new life here. Either Option 2or 3 please.


  4. Dear Olivia,
    I loved this piece of writing… The chat room really made sense, it really went with the piece of writing.. I think you should write about Option 2 as I would like to hear more on your book and to see who the other victim is

    I love your writing,


  5. Heart wrenching Olivia… is difficult to get on with life after losing someone so close, but I think Audrey will learn (in time) that moving on with life does not mean forgetting. I think the digital world for Audrey is important and therefore I feel Option 2 would be best. I wonder….if you only write one more chapter, would this then leave your CYOA to have an Epilogue or even a sequel?
    I can’t wait to read the end of what has been an absolutely delightful and gripping read. You should be proud of yourself Liv. Well done 🙂

    Mrs W



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