Student Blogging Challenge #3 – Creative Commons


This is a post about Creative Commons and image copyrighting that I wrote for a previous Student Blogging Challenge and thought it suited Week 3’s challenge! I hope you adopt a good understanding of the topic after reading this post!

Shoot the Canon

Dear Readers,

Have you heard of Creative Commons? And did you know that posting a picture that you find on the internet without attributing is stealing? Let me explain.

When you draw or create a picture by hand, only one original copy can exist. This copy can be kept, sold or given to someone. However, on the computer, multiple perfect copies can be created. If it is your picture, you can share a copy, sell a copy or put a copy on the internet. If this happens, anyone can moderate this picture, make more copies, pretend its theirs or just use it without attributing it to you.

But first, what does attribute mean?


In our case, to ‘attribute’ media (images, music, videos etc) means to credit it to the owner, or to say (very simply), “This isn’t mine. It belongs to ______.” You should always do this when inserting pictures onto your…

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