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Dear Bloggers,

As in the last post, I learnt about perspective. So, what is perspective and how can I use it to enhance my photos?


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Perspective Definition

Perspective can mean, in photography – from a personal view or a two dimensional illustration drawn to give the perspective of a 3D object.

What is perspective in photography?

Earth is 3 dimensional, but a photograph is 2 dimensional. When a 3D object is photographed, it is really a 2D depiction of a 3D object. Putting perspective into action in photographs can make an image much more interesting.

Perspective refers to the relationships between objects in a photograph, the distance, size and space etc. When the perspective is changed, it can, for the mind, change the shape, size and, overall the perspective of the scene.

Linear Perspective

The farther an object is from the viewer, the smaller it appears, also, when parallel lines meet at a distance this is called linear perspective. This is how the human brain judges distance. Linear perspective is affected by the distance from camera to the subject and the focal length of the lens.

Rectilinear Perspective

All lenses apart from some like fisheye lenses are rectilinear. This means they shoot the lines as they are (straight lines). A fish eye lens, however, produces a rounded perspective. For example, as shown:

Parallel lines in a photo gives the perspective that they will eventually meet at a far distance, this is called vanishing point. This is another example of perspective.

Height Perspective

When photographing a landscape scene where the foreground gradually rises toward the horizon, the viewer‘s mind reaches the conclusion that the higher up the base of an object is in the ground, the greater its height perspective. I have experimented with this whilst photographing trees.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Overlap Perspective 

When photographing a scene with different objects overlapping, the objects that are nearer to the camera overlap or obstruct the objects that are farther away. THis is obvious when viewing the photo. This partial obstruction or overlapping of various elements gives the viewer a sense of depth and perspective of the distance between objects in reality.


Dwindling Size Perspective

In our mind we are aware of the sizes of most objects we are familiar with. Such as people, animals, trees etc. When photographing, this can be used. For example, in a scene with two people, if one appears twice the size of the other, the automatic expectation is for the viewer to think the bigger person was closer to the camera.

When shooting a landscape with a person or any known subject in it, the viewer will be able to guess the distance and the scale. The photographer can then establish a scale the viewer could use to compare the real size of various objects in the photograph.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Other simpler perspectives include bird’s eye view, side view, keystoned (from below). These are the perspectives I have used in my previous post’s photographs.

There are a few more, however, I won’t get into that today. After learning about this, I will try taking a few photos in more industrial areas!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…



Ivory Saffron

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Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

ivory saffron
melts into lilac blush
fragile fingers, blemished
reach towards a luscious nectar
effervescent champagne tears
dapple wounded petals
verdant greens contrast

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Passion Project – Wk 1

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Dear Readers,

eiffel tower passion

Photo and Editing Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

May your imagination drive you towards your star. The star with your name branded onto it. Pursue that gleaming treasure, no interstellar experience required, for discovering your passion is worth each step. Some stars may prove bigger than those of others, but beauty is certain for all. Dream. Live. Love.
– Olivia Cejnar (me)

What might this mean for you? Whether you have decided on a career already, perhaps you are battling with yourself in the midst of selecting a lifetime wish, or possibly, you are determining which subjects you shall elect for middle school.

Pivotal decisions are inevitable in life, no matter the stage you may currently be within. However, the fundamental approach to persevering through these times is to bear in to bear in mind you. Train your eye to that shimmering star, the one that has your name scribed into it.

follow your passion

Photo Credit:

No matter how big that star is, despite how its reputation may be perceived in society, love conquers all. Therefore, be resilient, courageous, be bold and worthy of capturing your star. Achieve the dreams that you want. May this be anything that catches the path of your eye.

The importance of chasing your dreams and your star has been acknowledged in our school, resulting in a thorough and personal task to be completed over the course of 9 weeks. The project is regarding the subject of passions, and has proved quite a revolution in school projects / homework for us! Our accustomed view of tedious, tiresome homework has changed, and an innovative spark of stimulating and motivating ideas has created an animated attitude concerning homework.

passion project

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

I suspect, after paragraphs of my rambling on about the importance of loving what you do and doing what you love, be eager to know what the project is! It is, in fact, a Passion Project (as you may have gathered from the image). This task is entirely personalised by the student, meaning that they may choose their project, so long as there is an educational value in the task.

One popular idea is to gather a portfolio of childhood recipes and create a cookbook based on this. The learning aspect of this is to learn how to cook, how to design an appealing cookbook and potentially how to create recipes. Another popular idea is to write a short novella, and for some, illustrate it. The learning feature of this project is learning the details of planning a book and the tedious process of writing it. This particular project incorporates many details that prove time-consuming, but exciting.


Photo Credit: Exit Interiors

Initially, my mind was spinning with potential projects that I could choose, however after reflecting on these possibilities and summoning my introspective conscience, I decided that none of these particular projects proved correct for me. A few of my preliminary thoughts are as follow: After playing the violin for eight years and becoming fairly advanced, I thought I could incorporate my passion and adoration for music into my passion project. Such musical ideas included composing a violin concerto. I decided to discard this though, simply because this would prove to become less exciting than it seems, after the first few weeks. I needed something light-hearted and intriguing that I could become engrossed in throughout the entire period of time we were carrying out our projects for.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

My second musical idea was to thoroughly research a small selection of composers (preferably composers whose pieces are already in my Suzuki book) and put this information into a suitable sized book. Following this, I would prepare a piece from each composer to perform at the presentation day. Being who I am, I would find the latter part of project slightly embarrassing and daunting. I did consider simply taking this part out, however then the project would become slightly dull.

Similarly to many other girls in my class, the idea of writing a novella did appear in my mind due to my passion for writing and ‘painting with words’. Despite this adoration and sense of tranquillity when I write, I have never seemed to have the will power to write more than five to ten pages of a book! I have since discovered that descriptive, free verse poetry is the writing that I love. You can view my poetry and photography in the posts below, and in the category labelled ‘Poetry’.

passion is the key

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

From this idea and a sudden love, if not obsession with photography, I developed my Nobel Prize winning project solution. During the holidays, I discovered this photography obsession of mine, from my mum’s iPhone (8megapixels) to my Dad’s Samsung Galaxy S4 (13 megapixels) to the (fairly rubbish) 12 megapixel digital camera. Using a digital camera is easy and takes photos that are fine even perfect for a family simply wanting to capture memories without any hassle, but I wanted more, I felt restricted by these cameras and not having the ability to experiment with aperture, shutter speed or ISO.

Photo Credit:

I wanted to incorporate my passion for writing and poetry with photography. As you can see if you click on the ‘MyPhotography’ / ‘Photo Editing’ categories, I have been taking macro shots with the digital camera and uploading it to my blog. As an addition to this, I have found wonderful inspiration and have discovered poetry photography, or photography which is written about and described using free verse photography. A few of the blogs that have acted as an inspiration to me include: The Ancient Eavesdropper Raindrops, Passion Through Poetry, Nina Joan, The Darkroom Nerd and more… See my blogroll for more.

Long story short, I have decided to do poetry and photography as my passion project. The learning aspect of this is that I will learn how to use an SLR camera and demonstrate these skills by taking photos and experimenting with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I will then be writing free-verse poetry about these photos and posting it on my blog. For the presentation of the project, these posts will be put in a portfolio and made into a book.

Keep posted to see my project develop!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…


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Cabbage Butterfly. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

Cabbage Butterfly. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2015

A gentle heartbeat
of flapping wings
as they drift lightly
on a summer breeze.

The vibrant song of
a blooming floret like a stand
as a cabbage ‘fly’s beating wings
halts to a
s t o p.

Olivia, writing on a whim…


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My first abstract poem, inspired by photographic poets in blogroll*.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

weightlessly floating, gliding
across a blue mass
as it bleeds
from sun’s searing touch,
gilded with its golden glow.

Olivia, writing on a whim…

P.S * = scroll down for blogroll to see my poetic inspiration.

Artiste In The Making

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Student Blogging Challenge

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I used to have an Edublogs blog so I am quite familiar with the blogging challenge, Student Blogging Challenge. This year in March, I forgot to sign up so I think, instead, I will do it now.

Here is the link for the Student Blogging Page.


Just so you know, the Student Blogging challenge:

1. Is twice a year (Sign up in March and September).

2. Is for all types of blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs etc.).

3. Has 10 challenges completed over 10 weeks (1 challenge per week).

4.  Gets your blog noticed and commented on more (more people are visiting the place where your blog is a link)

5. Is very fun and exciting (not one challenge is boring)

I would recommend that in September, you sign up for the Student Blogging Challenge. (In the next posts I will perform the March Challenges without signing up.)

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Creative, colourful, cool, calm collage!

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Today, I made a very… creative collage for homework! It is a collage with pictures of autumn. It includes common autumn animals, typical autumn trees and lots of other extremely colourful pictures. (I am pretty sure most of the images are not copyright, so if you see one that you know I am not allowed to use, please let me know!) I used a collage maker called Loupe Collage. It a bit like Tagxedo if you have ever heard of that except with pictures. If you want to make a collage with your own pictures and outline shape, go to Loupe! It is very fun and has great features free to all!



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G’day folks!

How is your holiday? Are you having a good time? Well, I certainly am. Last week, I went to a writing course with Jacqueline Harvey and John Larkin. It was really great and I learnt a lot from them both.  Mr Larkin was a clown and Mrs Harvey had quite the stories to tell!

Also last week, I had the opportunity to go to a debating course for beginners at PLC and learnt a heap about the subject. (Plus, I learnt how to debate!) My coach, Sarah was very nice and had lots of patience with some people…

Today and Monday, I participated in a tennis camp and won a couple of matches. It was really fun but Matt, our coach made us do 2 laps of the 4 courts. We also had to do the Spanish Drill, he tweaked it a bit too, so that made it harder.

Please let me now about your own holidays! It would be great to know all about them! (Plus, there is nothing wrong with just simply staying at home and chillin’!)

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

School Holidays.

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School is finished for Term 2. It is very upsetting because This is weird, but I love school soooo much. I love being with friends, teachers and learning about new things every day. Year 3 is one of me favourite years so far because of my frnds and my wonderful teacher, Mrs M&M, (her name on the internet to be safe). I hope that next term will be just as good as the previous ones!

Things I am  looking forward to next term is:

  • Blogging and using the internet more
  • Seeing my friends and teachers again
  • Discovering the new units in our ‘joined classes’ classes (year 3 has 2 classes).
  • Finding out if there are any new girls in the class
  • Knowing the health of one of our class mates, Charlotte

Sometimes school is a bit of a worry in your lives but you have to remember to always look on the bright side of things and it will be alright!

A way to fix bad things up in life is to ‘bounce back! Bouncing back is a great way to sort out problems and relationships with friends, teachers, family and general people in the world. To ‘bounce back’ means to be optimistic and to try to fix relationships with the people around you.

What are you looking forward to during the following years?

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Should children have homework? Persuasive text.

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Dearest Reader,

This is a persuasive text, also known as an exposition written by me! My sister helped me with some of the wording but I did most of it myself. Once you have read this, please comment and advise me of the things I need to improve (negatives) and the things that I did quite well (positives)…

Children must, undoubtedly, receive homework and complete it. Doing this will enable the child to consolidate their school work at home. It can also let the parents know what their child is doing at school. Homework allows the child to think individually, with only their parents to help at home.                 
Firstly, children should receive homework, so they can practise their school work at home. A child will probably not have enough time at school to absorb what he/she was taught, so completing tasks at home will ensure the child understood what he/she was told in the classroom. At home, the child has more time to be taught individually. If a child is given homework, it is almost like home education, which can be better for learning experiences because the child has more time to think about it.
 Furthermore, if children bring homework back from school, the parents/guardians get a more up-to-date and accurate view of the kind of work their children have done during the day at school.  They also can see what their attitude towards work is. This is much better than the semester school report which gives results based on tests but it may not be an accurate reflection of the child’s understanding of his/her work.
 Finally, homework allows individualism. At school, you could simply plagiarise work from other students and although this method may guarantee top marks, it does not help you or your knowledge in anything at all. When you complete tasks at home, there is no one to copy from; only your parents to help you.
 Overall, it is very beneficial for children to receive homework, so they can learn at home as well as at school. 

I hope you like this text very much!

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

P.S I would like you to consider what mark you would congratulate me with out of ten in your comment if you can?


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This term, our school did a musical called Jonah-Man- Jazz. there was a morning production and a night time one. I was in both but playing different rolls. In the morning, I was and animal under the sea when Jonah was thrown overboard into the ocean. In the night time I was the reporter that reported Jonah on the news when he came out of the whale. In the morning my classmate Bella played the reporter and when I was the reporter in the night time she was the animal under the sea! Clever, huh! Do you know the story of Jonah from the bible? Well that is what this story was based on, but a modern version!

I had lot’s of fun doing this play, thanks to Ms O’brien: our music teacher! (To Ms O’brien) Thank you very much for  setting this up and teaching us this year we will miss you very much when you leave and I hope you will have a great time pre-school teaching! From Olivia C 2011. I was stage fright when I was the reporter but I just kept saying what I was meant to do! My favourite part was when God (Mr Armstrong) was booming down from heaven telling Jonah what to do next! We had lot’s of fun!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Weekly Joke

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History teacher: Why is your history homework done in your Father’s handwriting?

Student: Because I used his pen Sir.

Do you get it? He He

Weekly Joke.

By Olivia proudly an animal lover!

Frog surprise!

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On Friday we arrived home from our 1 month holiday in England, France and Prague, all these places are in Europe. We all had jet-lag and it didn’t help that there was a mysterious croaking sound. Before the holidays, we emptied our pool so that the ‘pool man’ (our family calls a pool expert this) could paint the pool again. He painted it because for ten years it has worn away. So anyway as you might know, in Sydney (where I live it has been raining so the pool filled up with leaves mud and other things that made the shallow pool look like a lake.

So last night, Dad my sister Jess, Mum and I at dinner heard the mysterious croak again and we looked in the pool area, “SPLASH” a frog jumped into the pool I touched one when it climbed up the walled just to jump in again!!

We then looked for the frog (looking) and saw not 1, then 2, look there are 3, no 4 frogs!!! I was delighted because as you know I love animals!!!
Today I have been researching and have found out that their name is called the Common Eastern Froglet. It makes sense because we are in Sydney (which is east)! I am very happy that we have little frogs in our lake/pool!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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Yesterday, my class and I went on camp!!  It was really fun!


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During the holidays, my family and I went fishing on a boat we hired. It was not raining! None of us caught a fish (you can’t blame us because it was our first time fishing)!! I had lots of fun casting on and putting the slimy bait on the hook when a fish ate it or it fell off. It takes lots and lots of patients when you fish because you have to wait for the fish to come onto your hook.

I think fishing is going to soon be my hobby because it is so relaxing and fun (when you don’t get itchy bites) I recommend you to have a go at fishing! When you have, come back to this blog ad tell me if you like it!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

My clownfish….

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Today we went to the Marina in Port Douglas and got something that hatches. Can you guess it? You got it a clown fish. It is not real but seems real; it can hath, grow and die!! It is very interesting!

What to do (from packet):

1. Put the egg in a contciner and fill with water till water level upper egg.

( The temperature of the water is under 35 degrees).

2. The egg shell will break after 12~24 hours slowly then the pet hasten out of the shell.

3. After the egg shell is broken entierly please add new water into the container again.

(The pet will be expanding after 24-48 hours fullly).

4. Can remove growing pet to another container to watch them grow daily.

Have fun taking care of these easy pets!!

( Please keep the full water into the container).

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

The Cozmoz (painting)!

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Today my sister and I went to painting class! It was very fun. The shop was called ‘Davvyd’s art from the the heart’ shop. We did not do a new painting because the ones we started on on Saturday were not finished yet. With mine   I re-coated some paint to make it thicker leave no spots of white on it. When I finished that;  I left it out to dry.

When it was dry Davvyd started to do all the pretty stuff on it like glitter etc. He then it looked spectacular when he finished doing all the pretty stuff. When we had a look at it in the sun, we decided it should be called The Cozmoz because it was so colourful (it was so colourful because it was abstract art). Soon Davvyd found a texta to sign my name on it. When mum came to pick us up she said it was beautiful and she loved it!!!!

We left it there to dry because it was still wet but we are coming on Thursday so we will pick it up then.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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Since my Mum bought me a knitting set during the holidays, my sister and I have been knitting non-stop. But our mum has been helping us a lot along the way.

Compared to my sister’s  hers is a lot longer because she started first. I’m making a scarf for my parents to share.

So far, because our mum only knows two stitches, we only used purl and knit stitches as well as casting on (first line of stitches). We haven’t finished yet, so we don’t know how to cast off (last stitches). We’ll have to go to our grandmother’s to learn how cast off because mum doesn’t know how to.

I hope you’ve got some ideas about knitting! Do you think you’d like to knit? It might be boring at first, but it gets more interesting towards the end. If knitting isn’t your thing, try cross stitch, crocheting, french knitting, embroidery or sewing. If not, maybe stick to blogging and TV!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

New Pottermore website!

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Soon there will be a Harry Potter website that J.K Rowling made coming out! It is a marvellous experience knowing this for our family because we are Harry Potter lovers! We have all the movies and are very happy the last one is coming out next week.  The website is called Pottermore! Visit Pottermore for early access on 31 July 2011 at:

But it is open to everyone in October 2011! Have fun exploring this fantastic new website!!

Do you know these movies? Do you like them if you do? Have you read all the books? I haven’t  read all of them, they are very fat but my sister has. She is nine and has read them once! No wonder she has a blog called ‘A Bookworm’s Blog’

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

I’ve gone Pro!!!!!

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I have just gone Pro! That is when you are able to get widgets such as pets, prettier themes and lots more!!!!! It is very, very exciting. It also means there is no add at the top of my page anymore! My sister is also Pro that is how I got the idea! It lasts for a year and my parents pay for it; but for my sister her blog is a school blog so that is how. 

It is very interesting because she does not have to pay for that! I think because it’s a school blog. Are you Pro if you have a blog? If you are, do you have any widgets? Do you have a theme from premium, or from normal section? I have one from premium I think.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

The Magicians Nephew….

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I have just started reading the Narnia Series; it has seven books, the first one is called ‘The Magicians Nephew’ it is a very good book. So far I only have four chapters to go; it is very exciting because it is very fat and I only started reading last week! The next book after this one is called ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. I think C.S Lewis ( the author) is a very good writer!

Have you read this series or any of the books in the series? If you haven’t do you think you would like them? By the way, they are very fat so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t read the whole series. I encourage you to read them!

By Olivia proudly an animal lover!

Our Olden Day excursion!

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On Wednesday, my class and I drove to Vaucluse House. We went there because this term because we are learning about the olden days and the Wentworth family (family that lived in Vaucluse House) lived about 160 years ago. There were 10 children in that family (that was a lot)! It was a dress up excursion and I wore a black velvet dress with lace and black shoes on!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover.

My new blog!!

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I have just got a new blog! I think it will be really fun and I just can’t wait until I get some comments from all you bloggers!

If you have noticed my blog is called Animal Mania and I am going to be blogging about animals! I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting on this new animal blog!

1. I have a bunny rabbit named Earl Grey Junior because we used to have a bunny rabbit called that name but he died so we now call the bunny we have now Junior.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover

2. Our first pet was a fish but unfortunately I was really little and he got squished by me when we were cleaning his fish bowl; his name was Bluie!

3. We also used to have two pets, one guinea pig and a black and white bunny rabbit, but in my history I have never, absolutely never, had a dog but I reall, really want one!

So Mum and Dad I know you’ve said no every time I asked but PLEASE think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lo