Greed Poem/Narrative


A pack of wolves we are
hungrily searching
any order lost in our frenzy to find you

I cradle the bundle to my chest, threadbare cloth providing her mere exposure to the elements. My baby drifts through the breaches of sleep and agonising consciousness.

Frayed and tattered we are
our minds diseased
by the dangerous lust you radiate

Limply lies a paper cup, an extension of my feet. Empty. Those diseased by greed and egotism – with their feet – collide with my only significant belonging. I am estranged from the world.

Dying and thirsty we are
our faith in your quenching, gratifying
reality willing us to ignore, continue

One. Two hours stagger by; three Pesos are tossed callously into the embrace of my cup – the waste of people’s sympathetic pride. Three Pesos. They must be taunting me, mocking my poverty. Three Pesos will buy me not a packet of oat.

Through dense forest we journey
its abundance and intricacy never blinding
but you never materialize

Money. Money clothes those who wander by, a glance at me, us, suggesting hostility, disgust. Faux wraps drape the necks of women, accompanied by cliché Mexican men conquering their moustaches and ankle length capes. Money abundant, but they do not give so much as a glance. More is what they want. More money when we have none.

Bloodshot are our eyes
only will they droop
at the assuring presence of you

She begins to wail as a cloud of wind sweeps in from the west. I press her against my chest, lifting her to my face – a face no longer fresh, glowing the ochre of embers. Instead, it is dulled, burned to oblivion as of such suffering, the pain I must endure. My pores are brimming with the remains of soot. Ash. I am a mere memory…

Might we halt
to breathe sense
after miles of endless gluttony
might we halt
infused with guilt, understanding
inspired by Earth’s beauty, God’s mercy
might we halt
and empathise
with nothing; nothing

I glower with yearning as another twilight is born to the sea, glistening with soft rage. The rhythmic vibration of townsfolk music reverberates through the alley, and I picture rainbow ladies with their swishing skirts, spiralling into the arms of partners. My face, fresh and inspired by joy, gleams amongst these, my limbs twirling to a trumpet’s blow. A lustful smile tugs at my lips, and I am lugged into a daze. The sound of footsteps clacking upon worn cobblestone, I do not hear.

Amongst evil lies
compassion, generosity
salvaging those infected
by greed, recovering
inner beauty, benevolence
before the chase
begins again

Dreams fade, whisked off to oblivion – mine was destined this fate. The trumpet wanes and such colour remains no more. Shadows and the vandalised church walls are what remain. The clatter of coins resonates throughout the alley, the source – a plastic cup – a mere extension of the beggar woman’s feet. My cup. His eyes illuminate the darkness, signifying life. He has remembered kindness. Fifty Pesos now lie in the embrace of a ragged plastic cup.

One remembers

May they find what they want – my kind crumbling, whispering with the wind. May they find what they want – my kind haunting them, robbing them of their pride.
May they find what they want – but be left hollowing, suffocating with guilt.
May they find what they want – though recall compassion so often to do our pain justice.
May they find what they want – my kind a mere memory, an indentation on the church steps.

Shall we ever see you
and the maddened violence
of your peace?
or send us on a
greed-driven chase

for you

Written by me, expression through the lens (and words)


Life of the Party

Holidays, MyPhotography

Dear Readers,

This week, I decided to create and design a variety of “scenes” to photograph. These setups consisted of a range of objects that were centered around one theme (one theme per scene). I then photographed these abstract setups at different and creative angles. The result of my experimentation is below.

P.S Same blog, new layout! Let me know what you think of either the post or the new theme in the comments!


The End of an Era, the Start of an Age…

Life, School

Dear Readers,

The end has finally arrived! Eight years of memories and of Junior School has drawn to a close. As for my emotions – they are mixed. Unfortunately, my family and I have made the difficult decision to move schools, and this aspect has certainly contributed to the “sad” aspect of my emotions. However, some excitement is the silver lining in my dark cloud. I do look forward to being in Senior School, with an entirely different environment and way of learning.

I’ve definitely enjoyed this year and my journey at my beautiful Junior School – an environment from which I have learnt so much! From the traits that the school encourages us to have, to the way in which we treat others, I have definitely learnt many valuable lessons that I will continue to show through my personality, even as I make the move to a new school.

But truly, even though I may want to feel these things, I am lying to myself. I don’t really feel anything. I am empty of emotions. It doesn’t at all feel real. 6 years in one environment and school, the end does not feel real – the reality of me never being a Rosie girl again not truly “clicking”. I will most likely never see many of my friends again, and others of them not as often as I’d like. But still, I’m empty – reality not having hit just yet. Literally. I’m empty of emotions and food. 🙂

So, as the end has come, I say a heartfelt goodbye to my beautiful school of which I will always remember and love, to my teachers – who have taught me so much this year, to my friends – I will miss all of you and hope to stay in touch with many of you! And to my Junior School self – remember to be yourself and stay true to who you are…

Lastly, I say thank you to all who have helped and supported me on my way towards Senior School and for providing me with the necessary traits and attributes that I will always value and hold dear in my heart. Thank you!!

Olivia, expression through the lens (and words!)…


Avignon – France Tour

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Dear Readers,

As you may have read from my previous post, I was recently touring the beauties of France. Avignon is another of the many places we visited during the tour, its main and most well known feature a bridge called Pont Saint-Bénézet, known more commonly as Pont d’Avignon. This bridge was the inspiration for the song ‘Sur Le Pont d’Avignon’. The bridge was built between 1177 and 1185 and is now a major attraction of Avignon. Another major landmark of Avignon includes Palais de Papes which translates to ‘Pope’s Palace’. Photographs of this can also be seen in the portfolio below. The Gothic building was opened in 1364 and is simply beautiful inside, taking a floor space of 15 000 meters squared. Enjoy the photos!








































I look forward to posting the third portfolio of the France Tour.

Olivia, expression through the lens…

Amboise – France Tour

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Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago, Australian students were on holidays! I was fortunate enough to be able to go on an amazing tour around France, experiencing so many unforgettable places and making many memories. The portfolio below includes the photographs I took of one of the places we visited – a town called Amboise. This place is significant as it was the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci as he reached the end of his life. The town is on the banks of the Loire river and is 27 km from Tours (a city). Enjoy!

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL228

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL229

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL231

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL232

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL234

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL236

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL237

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL238

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL239

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL240

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL243

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL244

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL245

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL246

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL247

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL248

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL250

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL251

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL252

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL253

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL254

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL255

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL256

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL257

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL258

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL259

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL262

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL271

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL269

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL267

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL272

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL274

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL275

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL276

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL277

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL278

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL279

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL280

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL282

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL283

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL284

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL285

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL286


Olivia, expression through the lens…

Student Blogging Challenge #3 – Creative Commons


This is a post about Creative Commons and image copyrighting that I wrote for a previous Student Blogging Challenge and thought it suited Week 3’s challenge! I hope you adopt a good understanding of the topic after reading this post!

Shoot the Canon

Dear Readers,

Have you heard of Creative Commons? And did you know that posting a picture that you find on the internet without attributing is stealing? Let me explain.

When you draw or create a picture by hand, only one original copy can exist. This copy can be kept, sold or given to someone. However, on the computer, multiple perfect copies can be created. If it is your picture, you can share a copy, sell a copy or put a copy on the internet. If this happens, anyone can moderate this picture, make more copies, pretend its theirs or just use it without attributing it to you.

But first, what does attribute mean?


In our case, to ‘attribute’ media (images, music, videos etc) means to credit it to the owner, or to say (very simply), “This isn’t mine. It belongs to ______.” You should always do this when inserting pictures onto your…

View original post 348 more words

Skateboard Art


Dear Readers,

Recently in art, Year 6 has been investigating and exploring street art and graffiti. We discovered that graffiti – a form of careless vandalism – is often misunderstood to be a form of street art, despite the large differences.

In comparison to graffiti, street art involves a significant amount of depth and thought, commonly used to portray messages relevant to issues that may have arisen. This type of art is often regarded as graffiti, however we have learnt that the differences are very significant.

The images below display this obvious distincion.


From this information we learnt and inspiration from various “street art” images, our class was inspired to create our own skateboards, portraying personal and global messages that are thought to be significant. Since my passion for photography and the recently learnt skill of “expressing oneself” has greatly increased, I decided to create my skateboard about photography and the importance of self expression.


I have not completed the design, however aim to paint the reflection, sky and glaze the skateboard this afternoon. The message I have portrayed through this is a quote, which is written in gold on the side – life is like a camera, focus on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly.

This was a very enjoyable topic, however, extremely time consuming!

Olivia, writing on a whim…

Term 3 SMART Goals


Dear Bloggers,

As a fresh term has dawned on us not two weeks ago, we are required to discover and set new Term Goals, reflecting on our performance in achieving those from the previous term. In my case, my goals were achieved, and well, as it directly related to the completion of my Passion Project (see previous posts). I have thought about and set this goal as it is a significant aspect of my life of which I aspire to improve!


This term, a significant goal of which I aspire to complete and achieve includes spending an increased amount of time during the week improving my fitness and physical activity. Previously, my stamina and physical fitness have not been areas of which I have devotedly worked with and improved. In order to be able to participate widely and ably in various sports, to increase my fitness level would certainly be beneficial.

To do this would also enhance my results and ability in terms of sports and will enable a larger and vaster variety of sports of which I can happily and physically participate in. To successfully and subtly achieve this, I will aim to, as well as the various sports (weekly P.E. classes, weekly tennis lessons and this term, weekly netball) boost my fitness and stamina levels by jogging and sprinting our local oval perhaps a few times a week, as well as pay more attention during P.E. I have also considered joining Athletics, which has been encouraged by the coach.


I believe that this is certainly measurable as my fitness and stamina will visibly improve as the year draws to an end. If I am successful, I will aim to be able to comfortably run 800 meters / the Rosie Run and my sprint times faster than those of the athletics carnival. By the end of the year, I will measure whether this has been achieved, as well as by gathering feedback from Mrs Moore.


If I set my mind to the task and remain committed over the semester, I believe that (possibly) I can achieve this and increase my physical performance and ability! As well as this, I will not seem so frightened and exhausted after participating in physical activity that is taxing on my body.


I do think that this is a fairly realistic goal, as physically, this is possible. It is merely mental and motivational boundaries that are restricting me in my ability / physical stamina.


I believe that, in many ways, this goal is timely, as it will either be complete or incomplete by the close of the semester. My Personal Best scores in P.E. should be increased and I should feel great when participating in (currently) taxing physical activity!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Pills Nor Potions


Photo Credit:

echoing voices
the depths of each
crevasse burrowed
into me

my heart drips
and oozes with
adversity encasing it
in a pandora’s box
filled with bittersweet
encouraging my

nor potions will restore
my sanity this time
they will not repair
the shatters of a
broken heart

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Passion Project Reflection


Dear Bloggers / Photographers,

Yesterday, the passion projects that we have been tirelessly working on for the term were presented. The quality of work and effort thrown into completing a thorough project was evident in all of the projects that were seen and presented.

The variety of projects that had been completed over the term was truly stunning, as the diversity of choices truly showed how, as individuals, we are all unique and entitled to our own opinions and points of view in society. Overall, the quality was immensely impressive and the presentation was certainly a memorable event.

Specifically, the result of my personal presentation was certainly pleasing, and a presentation of which I was immensely proud. I included the Canon EOS 400D – the camera of which I carried out my passion project with; a vintage Kodak camera used with film – a comparison to compare the development of cameras over the years; my laptop with the homepage of my blog; the accessories (cables, CF cards, batteries etc) and, of course, my photo book!

The result was great, as I was told by many people that the book was lovely and something that (of course I will!) treasure forever! I will be posting a few photos of the final book in the following post!

How the presentation worked was this:

Lunch – setting up in JYA foyer

1.30 – 3.00 – presentation

Between the latter times, 6 groups were created. In each of those 6 groups were approximately 10 presentations. Thus, about 10 people presented at one time.


This resulted in immense noise being radiated around the foyer, and limited time for each presentation.


My suggestion is that it would be more beneficial to present over two days. Perhaps 1-2 periods on the Wednesday for half the grade. The following afternoon, for 1-2 periods, the remaining half would present. This, I believe, would be much more beneficial as the noise and busy atmosphere would be suitably decreased. The focus and interest would not be flickered from between 50 different presentations at one time.


Another problem that many of us encountered was that set up was not necessarily tailored to the individual presentation’s needs.


For the students to, perhaps, plan a map prior to the presentation day would mean the layout and set up would be prepared and tailored to the needs of the individual presentations.


I, personally, believe that comments were simply a waste of time for many, as they were often not constructive or helpfully written. The minority of girls would spend their time constructively writing feedback that would help the girls in future. This was not the case often, however.

This is my opinion on why the comment writing was not (most of the time) constructive. However, for many, it is lovely to be able to have visitors and viewers to read and understand their passion project processes.


For this particular problem, I’m not entirely sure there is a solution, as writing the comments is significant in the point of view of the author, because viewers are valuable whilst writing a blog. However, the comments were frequently not valuable, as they did not include helpful or constructive feedback. Of course, the odd constructive comment does appear!

Overall, I was exceptionally pleased with how the passion project was planned by the teachers. These minor improvements would enhance the project just that little bit more!

I truly hope that you have enjoyed following the process of my passion project! Stay tuned!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

First Liebster Award

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Dear Bloggers,

Today, I had the privilege to discover that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award! This is an award that is given from blogger to blogger when a blog is considered interesting – from the nominator seeing potential in a new blog or outstanding posts from an experienced blogger, it’s for everyone to try! Liebster, in German, means – lovely, kind, pleasant, sweet, nice etc.

It is a very encouraging community chain award that really helps with supporting a blog worth recognition or publicly appreciating a blog that seems pretty awesome!

Blogging is a truly amazing aspect of technology that I have become engrossed and weaved into. The wonderful (not only WordPress) community of bloggers that take time to support one another and visit it others for inspiration is beautiful. It is a hobby that is very social and encouraging!

This is really the reason I love blogging so much, because of the social aspect and because of the fact that you can freely share and express your ideas, receiving and seeking support from those who share common interests.

I have dedicated this post to Julia – – whose blog is full of inspirational posts, thoughts, ideas and beautiful photography.

I truly appreciate her encouraging nomination! Thank you so much! Please do visit her blog!
🙂 Here are the rules:

1. Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.

2. Include the Liebster award sticker in the post.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who you think are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts.

5. Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you.

6. Think of ten questions you would like your nominees to answerLastly, copy these rules in the post.

7. Lastly, copy these rules in the post.


🙂 Here are my questions and answers:

1. Why do you blog?

Blogging is a really personal but public activity. I love blogging so much because if is extremely enjoyable, social and has a real sense of community, and allows you to express and preach your ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Blogging is a really personal but public activity. I love blogging so much because if is extremely enjoyable, social and has a real sense of community, and allows you to express and preach your ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Blogging is a really personal but public activity. I love blogging so much because if is extremely enjoyable, social and has a real sense of community, and allows you to express and preach your ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Blogging is a really personal but public activity. I love blogging so much because if is extremely enjoyable, social and has a real sense of community, and allows you to express and preach your ideas, thoughts and opinions.

I blog because I can share what I feel and what is happening in my life whilst always receiving support, encouragement and feedback who have similar interests. Blogging is a particular aspect of the internet that has a genuine sense of community and encouragement. On my blog, I love to share my writing and my photography, whilst also occasionally posting about what has happened in my life!

2. What are the first five words that describe you?

Hmm. I was really stumped on this question, but I decided to ask a couple of close friends what they thought…

Quirky, Passionate, Loyal, Friendly, Logical

3. What is it that you always wanted but never got?

As humans, there is always something we want. The latest gadget, a new car, healthy relationships, peace in society etc. One thing I have always wanted was a little sibling. I adore babies and toddlers and I have always thought, after visiting and playing with friend’s baby brothers and sisters, that having a baby sibling would be amazing, to be able to care for a totally innocent, perfect human being (except for the crying and nappy change)

When playing with other small children (well behaved) I have found that it is fun and wonderful to see them develop and their sheltered, but entirely innocent viewpoint in life. Unfortunately, now it isn’t possible for me to have that opportunity, so I’ll have to wait until I have my own children!

4. Have you ever danced in the rain? Would you?

Physically, yes. Metaphorically, yes! I have always loved the rain and stormy days. I have immense pleasure in the tormenting fist of thunder crashing down on the earth, and hail plummeting down, littering my yard with small, icy balls. When I was younger, I used to pull out my gumboots, throw on my raincoat and venture out into the storm. Puddle jumping in the huge rivers that formed on our tennis court was a favourite past time, and I have always loved getting dirty when helping Dad clear away the leaves that gather over the drains, preventing water drainage.

When I was younger, I used to pull out my gumboots, throw on my raincoat and venture out into the storm. Puddle jumping in the huge rivers that formed on our tennis court was a favourite past time, and I have always loved getting dirty when helping Dad clear away the leaves that gather over the drains, preventing water drainage.

Metaphorically, I have also danced in the rain. Life isn’t tailored to your likes or wants. So when the grass is not always greener, you need to get your hands dirty rather than stay cooped up in eternal warmth. And that’s not me! I love to try new activities, and if I don’t like them, that’s that! In competitions, for example, I am always determined to do my best and push myself to nearly breaking point. I’ve had a few injuries from this trait.

5. What does your perfect pizza look like?

My perfect pizza… My mouth waters at the thought of it!

Anchovies, olives, almost-burnt-broccoli, cheese, tomato base, soft bread, stuffed crust, BBQ meats, crispy bacon, pineapple, pepperoni. It sounds like a lot, but I love it! Deeeeelicious!

6. What was the last picture you took?

Well, since I am an avid photographer, I am constantly photographing life, nature, animals, food… whatever my camera lens can lay it’s focus on. Skimming to the most recent photo I took on my Canon EOS 400D, it seems that a couple of hours ago, I took an angled shot of the book I’m currently reading – Jane Eyre.

7. What is your motto in life?

My motto in life. I have many that I live by, or try to. Here is one that came to mind:Live today as though there is no tomorrow.

Live today as though there is no tomorrow.

8. What is the best book you ever read?

Goodness! I absolutely love books. I am always clutching one in my hand and sneaking a chapter or two during school (don’t worry, mainly when I am not needed like recess, lunch etc.) Whenever I finish a book, I am always listing it on my favourites, the one most recently on my list is The Shadow Girl, John Larkin. An inspirational, true story of a girl who becomes homeless and uses her brains to survive. Quirky, blackly funny, devastating, cruel, epic, inspiring! Read it.

I also adore the Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent. The Book Thief, Pride and Prejudice, Uglies (Pretties and Extras) and many others!

9. What is the simplest thing that makes you smile?

Friendship. I adore my friends, spending hours with them if I can! Their quirky conversations, the caring nature they possess, the way they make me laugh, cry, want to hug them, want to eat them, the way we jokingly make fun of each other, discussing our issues… There are so many aspects of my friends that I love… ❤

10. What is the best compliment you’ve received?

To be honest, I can’t really answer this one! I don’t really know the answer to this one! I was trying to think of something deeper than just – smart, funny, cool, nice, friendly etc. I do recall a wise person telling me something that really got to me – that I could make a difference in this world, that we all can! It’s not really a compliment, more of an encouragement, but still, it has meaning if you think about it…

Now, I have the opportunity of nominating 10 other blogs that I think are worthy of the award:

Congratulations, Bloggers!

Here are my questions for you:

1. What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

2. What is your best memory that involves photography?

3. What are you passionate about? Why?

4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

5. What do you find inspiring?

6. What are 5 words that describe you?

7. What makes you laugh or cry?

8. What is/has been on your bucket list?

9. If it were your last day on earth, what would you do?

10. What is the best book you have ever read?


So congratulations! Read the instructions and answer my questions if you accept!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…




Into The Depths

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Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

an infinite mass
of deep blue
occult and mystery
ever resonant flavours
in an unfathomable abyss
gradually melting
into the depths
of the earth

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

At Witching Hour…

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Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

titian blush
seeps through
ethereal clouds
igniting, smoldering
gliding across
forest canopy
mystery of
decrepit dwelling
its occult
its secrets
concealed by twilight
at witching hour

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Passion Project – Wk 1

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Dear Readers,

eiffel tower passion

Photo and Editing Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

May your imagination drive you towards your star. The star with your name branded onto it. Pursue that gleaming treasure, no interstellar experience required, for discovering your passion is worth each step. Some stars may prove bigger than those of others, but beauty is certain for all. Dream. Live. Love.
– Olivia Cejnar (me)

What might this mean for you? Whether you have decided on a career already, perhaps you are battling with yourself in the midst of selecting a lifetime wish, or possibly, you are determining which subjects you shall elect for middle school.

Pivotal decisions are inevitable in life, no matter the stage you may currently be within. However, the fundamental approach to persevering through these times is to bear in to bear in mind you. Train your eye to that shimmering star, the one that has your name scribed into it.

follow your passion

Photo Credit:

No matter how big that star is, despite how its reputation may be perceived in society, love conquers all. Therefore, be resilient, courageous, be bold and worthy of capturing your star. Achieve the dreams that you want. May this be anything that catches the path of your eye.

The importance of chasing your dreams and your star has been acknowledged in our school, resulting in a thorough and personal task to be completed over the course of 9 weeks. The project is regarding the subject of passions, and has proved quite a revolution in school projects / homework for us! Our accustomed view of tedious, tiresome homework has changed, and an innovative spark of stimulating and motivating ideas has created an animated attitude concerning homework.

passion project

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

I suspect, after paragraphs of my rambling on about the importance of loving what you do and doing what you love, be eager to know what the project is! It is, in fact, a Passion Project (as you may have gathered from the image). This task is entirely personalised by the student, meaning that they may choose their project, so long as there is an educational value in the task.

One popular idea is to gather a portfolio of childhood recipes and create a cookbook based on this. The learning aspect of this is to learn how to cook, how to design an appealing cookbook and potentially how to create recipes. Another popular idea is to write a short novella, and for some, illustrate it. The learning feature of this project is learning the details of planning a book and the tedious process of writing it. This particular project incorporates many details that prove time-consuming, but exciting.


Photo Credit: Exit Interiors

Initially, my mind was spinning with potential projects that I could choose, however after reflecting on these possibilities and summoning my introspective conscience, I decided that none of these particular projects proved correct for me. A few of my preliminary thoughts are as follow: After playing the violin for eight years and becoming fairly advanced, I thought I could incorporate my passion and adoration for music into my passion project. Such musical ideas included composing a violin concerto. I decided to discard this though, simply because this would prove to become less exciting than it seems, after the first few weeks. I needed something light-hearted and intriguing that I could become engrossed in throughout the entire period of time we were carrying out our projects for.


Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

My second musical idea was to thoroughly research a small selection of composers (preferably composers whose pieces are already in my Suzuki book) and put this information into a suitable sized book. Following this, I would prepare a piece from each composer to perform at the presentation day. Being who I am, I would find the latter part of project slightly embarrassing and daunting. I did consider simply taking this part out, however then the project would become slightly dull.

Similarly to many other girls in my class, the idea of writing a novella did appear in my mind due to my passion for writing and ‘painting with words’. Despite this adoration and sense of tranquillity when I write, I have never seemed to have the will power to write more than five to ten pages of a book! I have since discovered that descriptive, free verse poetry is the writing that I love. You can view my poetry and photography in the posts below, and in the category labelled ‘Poetry’.

passion is the key

Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

From this idea and a sudden love, if not obsession with photography, I developed my Nobel Prize winning project solution. During the holidays, I discovered this photography obsession of mine, from my mum’s iPhone (8megapixels) to my Dad’s Samsung Galaxy S4 (13 megapixels) to the (fairly rubbish) 12 megapixel digital camera. Using a digital camera is easy and takes photos that are fine even perfect for a family simply wanting to capture memories without any hassle, but I wanted more, I felt restricted by these cameras and not having the ability to experiment with aperture, shutter speed or ISO.

Photo Credit:

I wanted to incorporate my passion for writing and poetry with photography. As you can see if you click on the ‘MyPhotography’ / ‘Photo Editing’ categories, I have been taking macro shots with the digital camera and uploading it to my blog. As an addition to this, I have found wonderful inspiration and have discovered poetry photography, or photography which is written about and described using free verse photography. A few of the blogs that have acted as an inspiration to me include: The Ancient Eavesdropper Raindrops, Passion Through Poetry, Nina Joan, The Darkroom Nerd and more… See my blogroll for more.

Long story short, I have decided to do poetry and photography as my passion project. The learning aspect of this is that I will learn how to use an SLR camera and demonstrate these skills by taking photos and experimenting with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I will then be writing free-verse poetry about these photos and posting it on my blog. For the presentation of the project, these posts will be put in a portfolio and made into a book.

Keep posted to see my project develop!

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Memory Capture

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Photo Credit: Wallpapers You Need


flickering heartbeat
of shutter
conquers memoirs
of our life
light playful
bouncing, invading
reflecting, enhancing
our recollection of
the most extraordinary

Olivia, writing on a whim…

ANZAC Rainbow

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Dear Readers,

Yesterday, we commemorated the 100th year of the battle of Gallipoli, fought in World War 1 by the ANZACs. These brave men were sent, under mistaken commands, to the beach of Gallipoli to overpower the Turks, thus ‘throwing’ them out of the war.

However, the battle was horrific, 8000 men lost in the one battle, and a further 18 000 wounded. Upon entering the cove, they were slaughtered by the enemy and were greatly disadvantaged by their position in the bay. We remember these men today, after 100 years. We learn that war is not an adventure, not friendly, exciting. Merely man slaughter for what reason? These men were willing to die a gruesome death for their country.

we make war

The worst part is that they did not succeed, they lost too many men. We celebrate their courage, and their pain today, our gratitude for the war they fought, so that we may live in peace.

Here are some photos I took of a rainbow that appeared yesterday, after a light drizzle of rain. Let’s hope that this means never again will we make the mistake of war.





Lest we forget.

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…


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My family, the feeling of immortality when we are together.

My family, the feeling of immortality when we are together.


is never to be,
as the consequence
of mortality is inevitable,
but the truth
of today
is immortal because
of your smile

Olivia, writing on a whim…

Steps of a Sunset

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Beautiful landscape taken somewhere in France…

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Olivia Cejnar© All rights reserved. Reproduction or reuse of these images without credit is prohibited.

Sweet & Sour Easter

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Dear Readers,

Read this word:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Fehr


Easter. When you read this, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you know? For many, most, even all, this means hollow chocolate eggs, the much loved Easter Bunny, a family BBQ, yummy hot cross buns, going to church and… do..zing…..o…f…f…

SNAP!! WAKE UP!!! EASTER IS HERE! And this doesn’t all mean gorging yourself on chocolate that the Easter Bunny has delivered! Easter is a time of celebration, a time of joy and sadness, love and peace, communing and reflecting. We reflect on the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for us, his people who are sinners. 

Hang on, hang on… What does this all mean?? Some poor guy who randomly lived and died? That can’t signify much… How did this happen? Why? I am so confused. 

Don’t be! Here’s the story:

He Is Risen Religious Words isolated on white

Photo Credit: Genotar via Compfight

By all means, EAT, LAUGH, SMILE! But every time you bite into a tasty chocolate egg and find that, disappointingly, it is hollow, think to yourself: Hey, this signifies Jesus’ empty tomb, when he rose from dead on that third day! When you see a hot cross bun on your counter, think to yourself: That white cross signifies the cross that Jesus was crucified on. Don’t forget to remember Jesus at your family BBQ, take some time to remember him and thank him for his sacrifice.

Finally, when in Church, don’t doze off! Yes, it may become boring after a while, but take some time to reflect on Jesus’ life and his majestic sacrifice. Listen to the bible verses and what he did for us. Because of Jesus, his courage and eternal love, we can form a precious relationship with God that is everlasting. If only we believe, if only we trust in God and repent for our sins, we can spend our lives with him in heaven.

What did you do this year for Easter? Did you remember Jesus and what he did for us?

Olivia, writing on a whim…

Energy Usage

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1. What energy saving rules or practices are in place at your house. Example: we have energy efficient appliances, we try not to leave unnecessary lights on

To me and my family, the conserved use of energy and electricity is so valuable. In many areas of Australia, energy and electricity is taken for granted. Energy is a precious resource that powers our everyday lives. Really, without electricity, we would be unable to do that many ‘important’ aspects of our daily lives.  As a family, we have discussed the importance of reserving the energy we receive not only to keep our bill numbers down, but also to take care of the environment that surrounds us and shares our home.

However, talking means nothing! After discussing together how we can achieve this a family, we have resulted in these solutions. This has, ultimately, become our family goal for the year. We hope to maintain this and work together to make a difference in our society. A few of the solutions we have brainstormed together are as followed:

– Our air conditioning unit is one of the most power-absorbing appliances that we own. As well as this, it is one of the most frequent. Often, the small detail of pressing the ‘off’ button is overlooked, however, we have decided that this is one of the issues that we will overcome this year. We will do this by remembering to switch off this energy consuming installation when we leave the house, when it is not needed and at night. This applies to smaller heating devices such as fans and heaters as well.

– Another issue of mine is remembering to switch off lights when I leave the house or the room. This is one habit of mine that has become customary for me. For example, if I am fiddling with my hair, or experimenting with Mum’s lipstick in the bathroom, I often forget to switch the fan and lights off when I exit the room. This often happens in other rooms within our house as well. This is a waste of valuable energy and means that light bulbs will require changing much more frequently that it would have.

2. Who supplies energy to your house? How does it enter your house?

A company called Energy Australia powers our home. This energy is generated in the power plant in Mount Piper. This is the central plant where energy is generated for NSW. It enters my home via the overhead power lines that are hung about the streets. This electricity charges devices via the power plugs that can be plugged into the walls around my home.

3. What resource is used in the production of the energy that is supplied to your house eg coal, wood, gas, the sun etc

The Mount Piper power plant that we receive our energy from uses coal. Power is generated from the two coal-fired steam generators that have been built in the plant. I remember from last year, when we visited Bathurst, we stopped by one of the power plants. We learnt that Energy Australia in particular is a very energy efficient and environmentally friendly station as they convert the smoke created by the coal into steam, which is totally harmless to our environment (unlike smoke and smog).

We currently do not use the sun or water as natural energy generators, however, I hope to be able to talk to my family about this and perhaps install this in the future. This energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of creating energy would be great for us to use.

4. What effects would an energy blackout have on your normal family routines?

There are many effects that an energy blackout would pose on my daily routines. These days, every household depends on some form of technology, this dependence could lead to disastrous outcomes in a long or even permanent blackout. Some impacts that it would have on me include:

– No light to read or write. I, like many other girls, love to read and create poems and stories. However, without artificial lighting, I wouldn’t be able to do this daily activity!

– Television. Of course, all of us love television. It is one of my favourite activities – to slump onto my couch, pull a blanket up to my chin, sip on a steaming cup of tea and watch a few episodes of good old, Friends. Without electricity, this wouldn’t be possible! Neither would brewing  a cup of tea!

– Technology. In fact, not just television would be impossible to use, but all forms of digital technology. Phones, computers, microwaves, kettles, stoves, lights, iPads, etc. Without power, no chargers would be able to be used and therefore neither would theappliance itself. All of these things would affect me as I use kettles, microwaves and stoves to eat and computers, phones and iPads to complete my homework and generally browse the internet.

– Many other things. Many other things would not be available for use in a blackout, causing utter chaos within my usual family routine. I have named a few above.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me and my family’s usage of energy!

Olivia, writing on a whim…


All About Me!

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Dear Reader,

My name is Olivia.

I am 10 years old and am in Year 4.

I live in Australia, Sydney.

I attend a wonderful Anglican girls school of which I have made many friends.

I play the violin and have been since I was three years of age. I am currently studying the Suzuki graduation piece of level 4.

I absolutely adore learning and studying different things at school and hanging out with my friends.

I have two parents which love me and encourage me to do my best and an 11 year old sister of whom is in Year 6.

I am a total bookworm and one of my main goals for school is to strive for accuracy and try my hardest.

I have a beautiful moodle (maltese x poodle) and I love to blog.

I enjoy reading, computer, learning, school, TV, animals (dogs and monkeys especially), chocolate and writing.

I love to play sports such as tennis and NETBALL!

What do you like?

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!



Last night, as all of us would agree, was a very long night. 6:00pm till 11:46pm.

Wow. Almost 6 hours of counting and waiting and talking and predicting and nervousness. At least it’s all over. Before I announce the winner of last night’s election for 2013, I would just like to say thank you to all the people who voted liberal. I’m sure our country really needed that. It was a treat for my family and a vast majority of people all over Australia to find out that Tony Abbott is our new PM. Australia deserves it. After a bluffing Gillard and rude Rudd (hey that rhymes!) Australia truly needs this one.

Angelic Abbott. As he will prove to us in the next 3 years, Abbott is the best PM since John Howard. He will make our country shine. As Julia Gillard is out of the job and poor old (jealous) Kev has quit his position as Labour leader, the ALP (Australian Labour Party) will be in desperate need of a new leader.

Who will it be?

Well, anyway. Thank you LNP (Liberal National Party) voters for voting Abbott and supporting our country’s real need.

by Olivia, proudly and animal lover.

P.S You have permission to write a rude comment if in the next 3 years, Abbott does something seriously wrong for our country.

P.P.S I am sorry ALP voters but (no offence) but next time, you should really look up who you are voting for.

Student Blogging Challenge #2

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For the 2nd SBChallenge, our challenge was to do something we were passionate about – here we are!

♥ The Hungers of Less Fortunate ♥

Recently, I have been reading articles and doing all that a kid can to help other kids and adults who are suffering from starvation. Each and every article was thought provoking and I agree, that more people should be alert and caring towards the health of children and adults of our own human race – who are just as rightful to have food as us.  Hundreds of thousands of children, teenagers, young adults and others are starving to death at this very minute and there is a fair bit we can do about it.

The creator of the blog URL below created that post for great causes. And the WFP charity-raisers have set-up the brilliant programme for even better causes. But all to donate to one cause. Preventing the death of countless Asian, African, South American and so many other people of so many other nationalities. To have the privilege to help those around the world who are suffering hunger severity at the highest rank would be an honour to me. Even taking quizzes and putting banners up on my sidebars makes me feel proud and hopeful that people will start realising – “Hey, I should take one of those quizzes therefore I’ll be able to feed a starving child a meal!” and “Donating to these charities would really benefit to me and people worldwide… I should at least give it a go!” Starving, freezing, weakening day by day until, kids and adults just want to at least have one decent meal to eat!

At (see the links below) you can take as many quick 5-question quizzes as you want to perhaps become a child’s hero. Watch videos about the stories of the starving and be a hero, read articles about helping those in need of help and feel proud. To me, helping an innocent child just like me and perhaps you or your kids to be happy is an honour and a big privilege.

Lastly, visit thehungersite (see the links below) click the poverty button every day to give the hungry a warm meal or (optional) buy a product of theirs to give warm meals to many children.




by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Student Blogging Challenge

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I used to have an Edublogs blog so I am quite familiar with the blogging challenge, Student Blogging Challenge. This year in March, I forgot to sign up so I think, instead, I will do it now.

Here is the link for the Student Blogging Page.


Just so you know, the Student Blogging challenge:

1. Is twice a year (Sign up in March and September).

2. Is for all types of blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs etc.).

3. Has 10 challenges completed over 10 weeks (1 challenge per week).

4.  Gets your blog noticed and commented on more (more people are visiting the place where your blog is a link)

5. Is very fun and exciting (not one challenge is boring)

I would recommend that in September, you sign up for the Student Blogging Challenge. (In the next posts I will perform the March Challenges without signing up.)

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Ultimate Dog Tease

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