Life of the Party

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Dear Readers,

This week, I decided to create and design a variety of “scenes” to photograph. These setups consisted of a range of objects that were centered around one theme (one theme per scene). I then photographed these abstract setups at different and creative angles. The result of my experimentation is below.

P.S Same blog, new layout! Let me know what you think of either the post or the new theme in the comments!



Avignon – France Tour

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Dear Readers,

As you may have read from my previous post, I was recently touring the beauties of France. Avignon is another of the many places we visited during the tour, its main and most well known feature a bridge called Pont Saint-Bénézet, known more commonly as Pont d’Avignon. This bridge was the inspiration for the song ‘Sur Le Pont d’Avignon’. The bridge was built between 1177 and 1185 and is now a major attraction of Avignon. Another major landmark of Avignon includes Palais de Papes which translates to ‘Pope’s Palace’. Photographs of this can also be seen in the portfolio below. The Gothic building was opened in 1364 and is simply beautiful inside, taking a floor space of 15 000 meters squared. Enjoy the photos!








































I look forward to posting the third portfolio of the France Tour.

Olivia, expression through the lens…

Amboise – France Tour

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Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago, Australian students were on holidays! I was fortunate enough to be able to go on an amazing tour around France, experiencing so many unforgettable places and making many memories. The portfolio below includes the photographs I took of one of the places we visited – a town called Amboise. This place is significant as it was the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci as he reached the end of his life. The town is on the banks of the Loire river and is 27 km from Tours (a city). Enjoy!

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL228

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL229

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL231

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL232

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL234

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL236

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL237

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL238

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL239

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL240

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL243

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL244

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL245

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL246

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL247

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL248

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL250

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL251

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL252

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL253

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL254

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL255

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL256

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL257

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL258

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL259

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL262

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL271

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL269

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL267

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL272

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL274

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL275

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL276

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL277

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL278

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL279

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL280

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL282

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL283

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL284

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL285

Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL286


Olivia, expression through the lens…

Into The Depths

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Photo Credit: Olivia Cejnar (me!)

an infinite mass
of deep blue
occult and mystery
ever resonant flavours
in an unfathomable abyss
gradually melting
into the depths
of the earth

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Steps of a Sunset

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Beautiful landscape taken somewhere in France…

Olivia, writing (and photographing) on a whim…

Olivia Cejnar© All rights reserved. Reproduction or reuse of these images without credit is prohibited.

Sweet & Sour Easter

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Dear Readers,

Read this word:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Fehr


Easter. When you read this, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you know? For many, most, even all, this means hollow chocolate eggs, the much loved Easter Bunny, a family BBQ, yummy hot cross buns, going to church and… do..zing…..o…f…f…

SNAP!! WAKE UP!!! EASTER IS HERE! And this doesn’t all mean gorging yourself on chocolate that the Easter Bunny has delivered! Easter is a time of celebration, a time of joy and sadness, love and peace, communing and reflecting. We reflect on the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for us, his people who are sinners. 

Hang on, hang on… What does this all mean?? Some poor guy who randomly lived and died? That can’t signify much… How did this happen? Why? I am so confused. 

Don’t be! Here’s the story:

He Is Risen Religious Words isolated on white

Photo Credit: Genotar via Compfight

By all means, EAT, LAUGH, SMILE! But every time you bite into a tasty chocolate egg and find that, disappointingly, it is hollow, think to yourself: Hey, this signifies Jesus’ empty tomb, when he rose from dead on that third day! When you see a hot cross bun on your counter, think to yourself: That white cross signifies the cross that Jesus was crucified on. Don’t forget to remember Jesus at your family BBQ, take some time to remember him and thank him for his sacrifice.

Finally, when in Church, don’t doze off! Yes, it may become boring after a while, but take some time to reflect on Jesus’ life and his majestic sacrifice. Listen to the bible verses and what he did for us. Because of Jesus, his courage and eternal love, we can form a precious relationship with God that is everlasting. If only we believe, if only we trust in God and repent for our sins, we can spend our lives with him in heaven.

What did you do this year for Easter? Did you remember Jesus and what he did for us?

Olivia, writing on a whim…


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G’day folks!

How is your holiday? Are you having a good time? Well, I certainly am. Last week, I went to a writing course with Jacqueline Harvey and John Larkin. It was really great and I learnt a lot from them both.  Mr Larkin was a clown and Mrs Harvey had quite the stories to tell!

Also last week, I had the opportunity to go to a debating course for beginners at PLC and learnt a heap about the subject. (Plus, I learnt how to debate!) My coach, Sarah was very nice and had lots of patience with some people…

Today and Monday, I participated in a tennis camp and won a couple of matches. It was really fun but Matt, our coach made us do 2 laps of the 4 courts. We also had to do the Spanish Drill, he tweaked it a bit too, so that made it harder.

Please let me now about your own holidays! It would be great to know all about them! (Plus, there is nothing wrong with just simply staying at home and chillin’!)

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

School Holidays.

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School is finished for Term 2. It is very upsetting because This is weird, but I love school soooo much. I love being with friends, teachers and learning about new things every day. Year 3 is one of me favourite years so far because of my frnds and my wonderful teacher, Mrs M&M, (her name on the internet to be safe). I hope that next term will be just as good as the previous ones!

Things I am  looking forward to next term is:

  • Blogging and using the internet more
  • Seeing my friends and teachers again
  • Discovering the new units in our ‘joined classes’ classes (year 3 has 2 classes).
  • Finding out if there are any new girls in the class
  • Knowing the health of one of our class mates, Charlotte

Sometimes school is a bit of a worry in your lives but you have to remember to always look on the bright side of things and it will be alright!

A way to fix bad things up in life is to ‘bounce back! Bouncing back is a great way to sort out problems and relationships with friends, teachers, family and general people in the world. To ‘bounce back’ means to be optimistic and to try to fix relationships with the people around you.

What are you looking forward to during the following years?

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Queens Jubilee!

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Lately, there has been a very exciting event happening in England and the commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth II has been celebrating her Diamond Jubilee! She has been a monarch for 60 years. If she does not pass away in the next four years, she will be the longest reigning monarch in history; competing with Queen Victoria.

It has also been quite a sad time for the Queen because her husband, Prince Philip, is in hospital with a bladder infection. It will hopefully get better!

Another thing we have been celebrating is the Queen’s birthday. Though it was in April, we are celebrating it now with a long-weekend because there were too many long weekends in April. Many people get confused with that.

The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee by driving past a giant crowd of her eager subjects. She also let everyone see her with her family on the famous Balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen was very lucky to have a sighting of Venus on her royal Diamond Jubilee. She was lucky because it was only once in 100 years that the sighting of Venus would occur.

I hope you have learnt a something about Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee!

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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Sorry everyone!

I have not been blogging much anymore. I have been busy with lots and lots of exciting events which I shall share with you  soon…

1. I do not need my expander any more!

2. I have recently celebrated by Dad’s birthday! On the 30th  of May. He got a ‘massage voucher’ and lots of clothes. Plus, my sister and I bought him a yummy chocolate cake, we decorated it too!

3.  Our school athletics carnival will be on soon, I am quite excited, but nervous too! My events are: 800m race, 200m race, 100m race and the early-birds discus field event.

4. My birthday is next month! I am very excited!!

5. My class’s class assembly is on Tuesday  12th June!

6. I am extremely upset. My poor little bunny has past away a few months ago.

I hope you have caught up with some of my good and bad news.

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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Hi bloggers, readers and kids!

Are you excited about school? I most certainly am! What year are you going to? I am going to Yr 3#, it’s going to be very exciting to see which teacher I get and who will be in my class! I hope you all make nice new friends this year.

Tomorrow I will be going to school at Roseville College for the third year. hoping you all have a great new year,

by Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

My new expander!

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This term, our school did a musical called Jonah-Man- Jazz. there was a morning production and a night time one. I was in both but playing different rolls. In the morning, I was and animal under the sea when Jonah was thrown overboard into the ocean. In the night time I was the reporter that reported Jonah on the news when he came out of the whale. In the morning my classmate Bella played the reporter and when I was the reporter in the night time she was the animal under the sea! Clever, huh! Do you know the story of Jonah from the bible? Well that is what this story was based on, but a modern version!

I had lot’s of fun doing this play, thanks to Ms O’brien: our music teacher! (To Ms O’brien) Thank you very much for  setting this up and teaching us this year we will miss you very much when you leave and I hope you will have a great time pre-school teaching! From Olivia C 2011. I was stage fright when I was the reporter but I just kept saying what I was meant to do! My favourite part was when God (Mr Armstrong) was booming down from heaven telling Jonah what to do next! We had lot’s of fun!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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Yesterday was the Junior School prize-giving, and I am very sad I only have this day left with my teacher. I am only in Year 2 so we didn’t get prizes like citizenship or academic excellence or any of that, but we got certificates that had what we were good at and I got a pretty good one!  My sister, in Year 4 got academic excellence! She got this last year too! I’m happy there are holidays again but I a also sad. My favourite thing I have done this year was nerve wrecking but fun, being the reporter in Jonah-Man-Jazz! I was a Junior School musical about the whole story of Jonah from the Bible (the modern version) and I reported him when he came out of the whale!!!

This was very fun! Now back onto the prize-giving, the house that won the House Cup this year was Franklin. I am in Chislom, the yellow house.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Frog surprise!

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On Friday we arrived home from our 1 month holiday in England, France and Prague, all these places are in Europe. We all had jet-lag and it didn’t help that there was a mysterious croaking sound. Before the holidays, we emptied our pool so that the ‘pool man’ (our family calls a pool expert this) could paint the pool again. He painted it because for ten years it has worn away. So anyway as you might know, in Sydney (where I live it has been raining so the pool filled up with leaves mud and other things that made the shallow pool look like a lake.

So last night, Dad my sister Jess, Mum and I at dinner heard the mysterious croak again and we looked in the pool area, “SPLASH” a frog jumped into the pool I touched one when it climbed up the walled just to jump in again!!

We then looked for the frog (looking) and saw not 1, then 2, look there are 3, no 4 frogs!!! I was delighted because as you know I love animals!!!
Today I have been researching and have found out that their name is called the Common Eastern Froglet. It makes sense because we are in Sydney (which is east)! I am very happy that we have little frogs in our lake/pool!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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During the holidays, my family and I went fishing on a boat we hired. It was not raining! None of us caught a fish (you can’t blame us because it was our first time fishing)!! I had lots of fun casting on and putting the slimy bait on the hook when a fish ate it or it fell off. It takes lots and lots of patients when you fish because you have to wait for the fish to come onto your hook.

I think fishing is going to soon be my hobby because it is so relaxing and fun (when you don’t get itchy bites) I recommend you to have a go at fishing! When you have, come back to this blog ad tell me if you like it!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Last Harry Potter Movie.

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The last Harry Potter movie has just come out in cinemas. These movies are based on the books by J.K Rowling. There are seven books and seven movies, but the last movie has two parts and that is the one that just came out! There are two parts because if both parts were put together it would be way too long, so the producers separated the parts.

I am sad but very excited to see the movie because it is a great series but also sad because it is the last one to see. Hopefully J.K Rowling makes another book so there can be more movies and books to read! Have you read any Harry Potter books or the series? Do you like them?

Have you seen any of the movies or the whole series? Do you like them? Who is your favourite character? Sorry too many questions! My favourite character is Hermione Granger (the smartest in the school and the one of Harry’s best friends). Harry Potter’s best friends are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

A very funny line is: (Professor Mcgonagall) Whenever something goes wrong why is it always you three? (Ron Weasley) Believe me, iv’e been asking myself the same question for the past six years.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

Back Home….

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Yesterday, my family and I got home from Port Douglas. It was exciting  because I could see my bunny again but also very sad because we would miss the hot weather and all the friends we made there. When we got home it was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It was that cold for us, but probably not for the people that didn’t go on holidays, because we were in really hot weather).

We had chicken roll and beans for dinner, (not much) because we had a giant breakfast and even lunch! When my sister and I went to bed that night we were sooo tired, not hungry at all and freezing cold! I wish we were still in Port Douglas!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

My clownfish….

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Today we went to the Marina in Port Douglas and got something that hatches. Can you guess it? You got it a clown fish. It is not real but seems real; it can hath, grow and die!! It is very interesting!

What to do (from packet):

1. Put the egg in a contciner and fill with water till water level upper egg.

( The temperature of the water is under 35 degrees).

2. The egg shell will break after 12~24 hours slowly then the pet hasten out of the shell.

3. After the egg shell is broken entierly please add new water into the container again.

(The pet will be expanding after 24-48 hours fullly).

4. Can remove growing pet to another container to watch them grow daily.

Have fun taking care of these easy pets!!

( Please keep the full water into the container).

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

My Birthday!

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On Saturday it will be my birthday. I am very excited because I will get presents and cake!!!!!!! I think that we will have lots of fun polishing off the cake! We will also be going to Davvyd’s painting class that day (maybe) and we will be going out for dinner. I am going to wear my new dress that is very, very sparkly and it is brown but still really pretty.

It is in five days and it is very exciting for me. When is your birthday? Are you always excited about your birthday? I am in Port Douglas  for my birthday and my birthday is always in the holidays and we are mostly there for my birthday!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

The Cozmoz (painting)!

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Today my sister and I went to painting class! It was very fun. The shop was called ‘Davvyd’s art from the the heart’ shop. We did not do a new painting because the ones we started on on Saturday were not finished yet. With mine   I re-coated some paint to make it thicker leave no spots of white on it. When I finished that;  I left it out to dry.

When it was dry Davvyd started to do all the pretty stuff on it like glitter etc. He then it looked spectacular when he finished doing all the pretty stuff. When we had a look at it in the sun, we decided it should be called The Cozmoz because it was so colourful (it was so colourful because it was abstract art). Soon Davvyd found a texta to sign my name on it. When mum came to pick us up she said it was beautiful and she loved it!!!!

We left it there to dry because it was still wet but we are coming on Thursday so we will pick it up then.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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Since my Mum bought me a knitting set during the holidays, my sister and I have been knitting non-stop. But our mum has been helping us a lot along the way.

Compared to my sister’s  hers is a lot longer because she started first. I’m making a scarf for my parents to share.

So far, because our mum only knows two stitches, we only used purl and knit stitches as well as casting on (first line of stitches). We haven’t finished yet, so we don’t know how to cast off (last stitches). We’ll have to go to our grandmother’s to learn how cast off because mum doesn’t know how to.

I hope you’ve got some ideas about knitting! Do you think you’d like to knit? It might be boring at first, but it gets more interesting towards the end. If knitting isn’t your thing, try cross stitch, crocheting, french knitting, embroidery or sewing. If not, maybe stick to blogging and TV!

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

New Pottermore website!

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Soon there will be a Harry Potter website that J.K Rowling made coming out! It is a marvellous experience knowing this for our family because we are Harry Potter lovers! We have all the movies and are very happy the last one is coming out next week.  The website is called Pottermore! Visit Pottermore for early access on 31 July 2011 at:

But it is open to everyone in October 2011! Have fun exploring this fantastic new website!!

Do you know these movies? Do you like them if you do? Have you read all the books? I haven’t  read all of them, they are very fat but my sister has. She is nine and has read them once! No wonder she has a blog called ‘A Bookworm’s Blog’

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!

I’ve gone Pro!!!!!

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I have just gone Pro! That is when you are able to get widgets such as pets, prettier themes and lots more!!!!! It is very, very exciting. It also means there is no add at the top of my page anymore! My sister is also Pro that is how I got the idea! It lasts for a year and my parents pay for it; but for my sister her blog is a school blog so that is how. 

It is very interesting because she does not have to pay for that! I think because it’s a school blog. Are you Pro if you have a blog? If you are, do you have any widgets? Do you have a theme from premium, or from normal section? I have one from premium I think.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!


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It is very , very exciting.  We are all on holidays! They started about a week ago for me and my sister. We headed for Port Douglas because it is hot there and we always get away from the winter!

Where are you going or where are you? Are you having a good time? I am having a great time here, but it is not as hot as we expect it would be; because all the last times we have come it was all very hot, that’s why we go there!

We’ve only gone to the beach once! My sister, mum, dad and I went together on a plane that took three hours to get here.   My lunch on the plane was bacon and eggs.  My mum ordered special lunches for my sister and I. We have been in  Port Douglas for about four day’s now, and I think all the cold weather will clear up soon.

By Olivia, proudly an animal lover!