The End of an Era, the Start of an Age…

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Dear Readers,

The end has finally arrived! Eight years of memories and of Junior School has drawn to a close. As for my emotions – they are mixed. Unfortunately, my family and I have made the difficult decision to move schools, and this aspect has certainly contributed to the “sad” aspect of my emotions. However, some excitement is the silver lining in my dark cloud. I do look forward to being in Senior School, with an entirely different environment and way of learning.

I’ve definitely enjoyed this year and my journey at my beautiful Junior School – an environment from which I have learnt so much! From the traits that the school encourages us to have, to the way in which we treat others, I have definitely learnt many valuable lessons that I will continue to show through my personality, even as I make the move to a new school.

But truly, even though I may want to feel these things, I am lying to myself. I don’t really feel anything. I am empty of emotions. It doesn’t at all feel real. 6 years in one environment and school, the end does not feel real – the reality of me never being a Rosie girl again not truly “clicking”. I will most likely never see many of my friends again, and others of them not as often as I’d like. But still, I’m empty – reality not having hit just yet. Literally. I’m empty of emotions and food. 🙂

So, as the end has come, I say a heartfelt goodbye to my beautiful school of which I will always remember and love, to my teachers – who have taught me so much this year, to my friends – I will miss all of you and hope to stay in touch with many of you! And to my Junior School self – remember to be yourself and stay true to who you are…

Lastly, I say thank you to all who have helped and supported me on my way towards Senior School and for providing me with the necessary traits and attributes that I will always value and hold dear in my heart. Thank you!!

Olivia, expression through the lens (and words!)…