CYOA – Complete Novel

CYOA, Writing

Dear Readers,

Finally, I have completed my CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) novel, with the last chapter’s and epilogue’s fates’ being decided by me instead of the readers. I have formatted the novel in word and converted it to a PDF for you to read. I recommend using this option for computer users.

As well as this, I have created the book formally using a software called Blurb Bookwright. The only free option was to download the book as an Ebook, with files available for Kindle / eReader and Apple iPad. You can find these below!

Saving Audrey – PDF file (for PC / laptop users)

EPUB3 file (.epub), viewable on Apple iPad® devices

KF8 file (.mobi), viewable on Kindle devices and reader apps.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement during the writing process of this book. Enjoy reading and reflection.

Olivia, expression through the lens (and words)…

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