Passion Project – Wk 4

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Dear Bloggers,

This week I have been experimenting with photographing the flowers my Mum received for Mother’s Day. Using my camera, I was experimenting more with ISO, aperture, exposure times, shutter speed and exposure brightness.

As you can see in the first few photos, I have adjusted the exposure and the aperture to change the effect of the colour saturation and tone. In the first photo, the exposure and aperture was set perfectly to have maximum brightness and good tone.

The second and fourth photos, however, were under exposed and came out too dark. The third photo came out quite yellow, neither under or overexposed, however I was not satisfied with the tone. This is why the first photo is the best.

I was also playing with the exposure brightness. The higher the exposure brightness, the brighter and more exposed this image will look. I changed it to 3 settings below the average to make the photos look less exposed.

Another aspect that I was focusing on this week was, in fact, lens focus (get it?). By turning the lens focus, the image can be more distinct and clearer in certain areas. For example, if I turned the wheel towards the right, subjects closer to the lens would be in focus. If the wheel was turned to the left, objects and landscapes further away from the lens would have been in focus. I often changed the setting to ‘Manual’ for the lens focus, so I could manually choose which object I wanted in focus.

For example, in a few of the photos above of the roses and the ferns, I have alternated between focusing on the rose and focusing on the fern by manually changing the focus. By changing the focus, it also changes what appears clearer in the background and the depth of field.This also sometimes gives a lovely, interesting effect because, if the frontal subjects are blurred and the focus is sorely on an object in the near distance, it can have an interesting effect, such as some of the photos above do.


Lastly, I have been looking at perspective (get it?). The angle of the lens and the shot can give different perspectives. For example, in some photographs, I have angled the shot to be bird’s eye view. This gives the perspective of the bird, or of the viewer looking above the subject. I have also incorporated side view, which is one of my favourite angles in photography. The side view I find interesting because the subject is stark and focused from the side with a plain, blurred background that contrasts against the subject.

The perspective of the image can also make the photo look like an illusion. For example, if a person stands near a large building and the photo is shot closer to the person with the building in the background, the person can appear nearly as large as the building, which comes out like an illusion. Same goes for inanimate objects. If a bed of flowers is shot closer to the lens with a larger image in the background, it can appear larger than it truly would be in reality.

Geometric shapes shot at a particular perspective can also make the shapes look like an illusion. See more on this subject here: Perspective

So that’s what I have been doing this week! In the following post, I will be posting my poem and more information of this week’s investigations.

Olivia writing (and photographing) on a whim…





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My family, the feeling of immortality when we are together.

My family, the feeling of immortality when we are together.


is never to be,
as the consequence
of mortality is inevitable,
but the truth
of today
is immortal because
of your smile

Olivia, writing on a whim…


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Christmas – my sister and Bromley


My chicken with her beloved eggs.

FullSizeRender (3)

Bromley in Hawks Nest

FullSizeRender (5)


brom party hat

Baby Brom with my sister.


Sweet & Sour Easter

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Dear Readers,

Read this word:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Fehr


Easter. When you read this, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you know? For many, most, even all, this means hollow chocolate eggs, the much loved Easter Bunny, a family BBQ, yummy hot cross buns, going to church and… do..zing…..o…f…f…

SNAP!! WAKE UP!!! EASTER IS HERE! And this doesn’t all mean gorging yourself on chocolate that the Easter Bunny has delivered! Easter is a time of celebration, a time of joy and sadness, love and peace, communing and reflecting. We reflect on the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for us, his people who are sinners. 

Hang on, hang on… What does this all mean?? Some poor guy who randomly lived and died? That can’t signify much… How did this happen? Why? I am so confused. 

Don’t be! Here’s the story:

He Is Risen Religious Words isolated on white

Photo Credit: Genotar via Compfight

By all means, EAT, LAUGH, SMILE! But every time you bite into a tasty chocolate egg and find that, disappointingly, it is hollow, think to yourself: Hey, this signifies Jesus’ empty tomb, when he rose from dead on that third day! When you see a hot cross bun on your counter, think to yourself: That white cross signifies the cross that Jesus was crucified on. Don’t forget to remember Jesus at your family BBQ, take some time to remember him and thank him for his sacrifice.

Finally, when in Church, don’t doze off! Yes, it may become boring after a while, but take some time to reflect on Jesus’ life and his majestic sacrifice. Listen to the bible verses and what he did for us. Because of Jesus, his courage and eternal love, we can form a precious relationship with God that is everlasting. If only we believe, if only we trust in God and repent for our sins, we can spend our lives with him in heaven.

What did you do this year for Easter? Did you remember Jesus and what he did for us?

Olivia, writing on a whim…